What does an Integral life mean to you?

Reflect on the question above and share your thoughts with the rest of the community.

for me means the disolution of perfection. means relaxation. means nature, means thinking in aqal a lot jejeje. and understoodment.

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For me an integral life means - my conscious participation with the evolutionary initiative of Spirit.

It means recognizing that the life process is seeking a greater, higher, deeper, more inclusive and comprehensive expression in the goings on of the world, and has a unique and precious opportunity for it’s advancement in my personal life which, as far as I can tell, belongs to it. Skillful participation in the evolutionary impulse for me means several things depending on the context. Understanding what i am, what the universe is, or what the anatomy of my reality is (quadrants, lines, levels, states, stages and types) and then attending to each of its relevant needs thoughtfully.

It means exploring what balanced integrative advancement in each of the domains of life might authentically look like for me and moving to enact that recognition to the best of my ability. Its the development of my understanding and capabilities in science, ethics, philosophy, somatic intelligence, shadow integration, self-transcendence and self-actualization to name a few. It’s exploring how my views can allow or hold more complexity with greater ease and flexibility, differentiating insufficiencies from virtues with ever more clarity and accuracy. It’s aiming my self toward the paradox transcending meta-perspective, while also honoring its more basic constituents, disposing of what is untrue and preserving what is along the way. It’s civic engagement, community participation, evolutionary activism, and conscious stewardship, which includes right lively-hood and right consumerism.

To be able to nurture my wholeness in all these ways means a consistent lifestyle that attends to my evolutionary hygiene. So, in a way that’s neither making a project out my development, nor neglecting my hygiene, I flex flow through series of regular practices that best facilitate my over all well-being.


I have been an integralist for 21 years and, for me, it always returns to Dharma - which may or may not complement integralism, but that’s my dynamic:


“For me an integral life means - my conscious participation with the evolutionary initiative of Spirit.”

Appreciate this comment Asa9 and the congruent paragraphs after… Putting Integral into words, for me, at times, stifles my ability to speak.