What is SF1 SF2 SF3 in the classic integral theory map?

Wandering what the items at the top of the TR quadrant are.

“Figure 2 points out how the evolution of major new biological structures in the human brain effectively stops at “complex neocortex” (at the point Wilber labels fulcrum 10). Nevertheless, Wilber’s model shows evolution continuing through “SF1, SF2, and SF3” (with “SF” standing for structure-functions in the human brain). By including these “post-complex neocortex” brain developments in the timeline of evolution in the upper-right quadrant, Wilber is trying to show how the emergence of new cultural worldviews have developmental counterparts in the brain (which include electrical, bio-chemical, and subtle energy developments). And I agree that the evolution of consciousness by stages does result in increased neurological activation in the brain. Thus I think Wilber’s model correctly accounts for this through his “structure-function” designations.”

Not sure how accurate it is but this is what I found with a google search :slight_smile:

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thank you very much :slight_smile: