What is the most integral, fictional work you’ve seen?


I really like the film The Green Beautiful.

The link to watch it for free (I don’t believe that is a problem since it is Public Domain) is at the bottom of this list of resources I’ve compiled:


Happy to hear of films, books, & art that you find to be Integral-AF!




Thank you! wonderful to view La belle Verte!


I’m going to go with The Fountain, Cloud Atlas, and the Matrix trilogy. Maybe also Arrival :slight_smile:


This might surprise you, but I remember a series of pulpy type fiction when I was a kid - “Bio of a Space Tyrant” by Piers Anthony.
In the first book “Refugee”, the main character was a teenage Hispanic space refugee and his refugee ship was boarded by pirates - who killed the men and did piratey things to the women, including his mother.
So the main character named “Hope Hubris” starts out in a Red world - violent, brutal, exploitative and uncaring.
The next books in the series describe the Rise and Fall of Hope Hubris - Mercenary, Politician, Executive, Statesman. The final book is from the point of view of his sister, “Spirit Hubris”. Through this we see the Space Tyrant through a different lens.

Piers Anthony wrote to an audience of predominantly Teenage Males, so his writing style appeals to that age group. What I find interesting looking back and why I think this work is integral is because it delivers very complex and even integral ideas in a narrative that is easy to digest. What would it be like to rise from refugee to the most powerful human in the galaxy - and then deeper how would his feminine side (sister) observe all this?
I think it’s also worth noting that he didn’t shy away from the plight of real life refugees - he threw it in the reader’s face full-force in book one in all it’s shocking brutality, nor did he pull punches as the main character rose in power.


The movie Crash provides multiple views that all intertwine into a complete narrative that everyone is connected to a bigger way. It’s an awesome emotional story.


I recently watched the film “Karmalink,” which I would add to the list. IMDb’s description:

“In this Buddhist sci-fi mystery set in near-future Phnom Penh, a young Cambodian detective untangles a link between her friend’s past life dreams of a lost gold artifact and a neuroscientist’s determination to attain digital enlightenment.”


Annihilation could generate an interesting integral conversation. TV shows I would throw in Beforeigners


Such a fan of these films!


This is really interesting. I am trying to write a book for young adults—-I shall visit the library!


It has been awhile since I saw this! Will keep my eyes open for it.


Also wanted to nominate Groundhog Day with Bill Murray as a film with themes very resonant with integral.


I love this thread!!!
I am taking notes to my mental wishlist…
thank you all!!!


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