What is “Umber?!”

I have come across the term “Umber” in posts, which I believe is a developmental stage or altitude distinction between Amber and Orange. Can someone please describe what generally defines this stage and how it generally differs from Amber and Orange? Or point me to posts which describe it? Thank you.

I think it’s something Robb Smith came up with. He’s the only one I’ve ever heard talk about it.

It actually comes from Beena Sharma and Susanne Cook-Greuter’s work, having discerned a stage between Amber and Orange. It’s the “skill-centric” stage in the graphic below I’m hoping to do a show with her soon when we can unpack it a bit more :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding. Robb sent me a link to an article by Susanne Cook-Greuter that describes this (intermediate) stage.

Thanks, Corey. Robb sent me this link which describes this stage, along with the others in Susanne’s model.

It also appears in the 4 Quadrants pop-up diagram at the bottom of IL page “Never Been Better, Never Felt Worse.”

I just ran read that cook-greuter pdf and just want to bump it as an amazing compilation. I’ve been looking for a rubric of sorts for waking up and cleaning up on the same scale as growing up, which cook-greuter does very well with this paper.