What’s everyone upto?

Just curious on what everyone is working on

@Sidra Keith recorded that episode just two days ago. It’s not an “overton window”, it’s a “publishing cycle” that requires some time and energy in order to get it edited and ready to publish to the site. Coming soon!


Well, this summer (or what we call summer in the Northern Hemisphere), I’m working with Nick Hedlund to help establish the Eudaimonia Institute. He recently applied for grant funding with the Institute of Applied Metatheory and we’ll soon be applying for more grants as well. One initiative is to gather data from a variety of sources and analyze this based on Nick’s Visionary Realism, which is based on both Integral Theory and Critical Realism, but in a way that is intended to really consider the contradictions, inconsistencies, and absences of the two and to really build an archtheory that is based on a realist ontology. The central idea is that we can meaningfully address the metacrisis by analyzing these diverse data streams and using this to offer ways for cooperative hive intelligence across governments, private enterprise, civil society, and regenerative land-based projects, all with an important connection to deep spirituality as the ground for developing and maintaining shared meaning and purpose. Most of the pieces of the puzzle are out there and this approach could potentially provide broader and deeper integration of these nodes across various aspects of society and ecology. This is all the website has right now but hopefully it will fully launch in the next 3 months or so https://www.eudaimoniainstitute.org/

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Ha ha, you got me Sidra! It’s an Integral curious

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Hi Sidra,

I had Keith’s Saturday gig in my calendar only to have other things come up but really wanted to catch it. I really enjoy and appreciate his style and energy! I’m sure Corey will kick ass on getting it out to everyone.

As for what is being worked on… that’s a complex question that Namal has asked us and that can’t be answered easily considering it is a multiple quadrant reality, cognitively and unconsciously. Philosophical expansions and transformations are always in play while lower left relationships in the best possible sense are always in my face and my heart! Upper Right bodily dynamics never escape my awareness and dedication to disciplined lifestyle choices are given significant amounts of energy and all of that is thrown into the lower right pressures of a world approaching insanity! :rofl:


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Wow Brian! You’re up to so much! You know, if there was only a single word that could sum up all that…hmm I wonder what it could be!

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That’s fantastic, Brandon. I currently see the coordination problem one of the sub major problems in dealing with the MC. Looked up Critical Realism and it’s seems to be an Orange level approach although that maybe reductionist, need to learn more. What in your view does Critical Realism have that IT doesn’t?

That is not true. If you include all 3 phases (CR core, Dialectical Critical Realism, and the philosophy of MetaReality) then Critical Realism is definitely at least Teal level. I’m not sure if maybe the original core of CR was merely Orange level, but that question is less important. It is a post-postmodern theory of everything that was developed by Roy Bhaskar independently of Integral Theory. There were actually a series of conferences wherein experts from CR and IT had a series of dialogues and tried to hash out the similarities and differences. CR actually does have some features that IT doesn’t, and vice-versa. For instance, CR has a depth-stratified ontology. Some people, including my mentors at CIHS where I’m in grad school (Sean Esbörn-Hargens and Nick Hedlund) have been developing new even more integrative theories that bring together CR and IT and these are called “archtheories”. One of these is called Complex Integral Realism and that pretty much starts with IT as its fundamental basis and brings in elements from CR and also another integrative metatheory called Complex Thought, which was formulated by Edgar Morin. The Institute of Applied Metatheory, which I’m pretty sure is connected to Integral Life, uses Complex Integral Realism for their Context platform https://contextdriven.ai/ and also Nick Hedlund came up with a different way of bringing together CR and IT and he calls it Visionary Realism. These archtheories led to the creation of the Archdisciplinary Research Center https://www.arc.voyage/


There are no “singular” words that can capture the depth of experience we’re entrenched in be it inner “I”, the dance of “We”, or the embodied journey of our cells of awareness that ride upon the waves of an endless ocean of unconscious awareness that provides the evolutionary structures of “It” and the journey of planetary chaos we call nature, Gaia, the world, etc…

If one arises, I’ll express it! :heart:


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Oh I know, I was making a joke. I should have put an emoticon but maybe that would have ruined the point?

Oh okay, yeah maybe it was the Orange version or I misunderstood.

Okay, Namal, I’ll bite. What am I working on?

  1. Myself, always. Upper Left quadrant stuff.

  2. In the wake of the Future Human Conference, I’m working with several SF Bay Area locals to revitalize our local Integral community in the wake of the pandemic and Terry Patten’s passing. (Lower Right? Lower Left? Both)?

  3. The Integral Leadership in Action team has just approved the pitch by mysef and Bett Bollhoefer to create an Integral Creative Writers workshop. This is embryonic at present but oh, the possibilities. Let’s tell the world some beautiful, compelling stories about possible (Integral) futures for the humanity and the planet!
    (Lower Left)?

  4. I’m working with the new minister at my Berkeley Unitarian-Universalist Church to set up a Wilber reading group for our denomination (UU), to start next fall. Over the summer I plan to be teaming up with some of my Integral friends to identify optimal teaching materials for us.
    Note: Unity Church has already “aligned” itself with the Integral movement. I would love to follow up on this and help Integral spread among my UUs, and indeed among all the progressive established churches. They are, at their best, a mature, healthy Green, Which in theory makes them splendidly fertile ground for the spread of Integral out of its ghetto into the wider world.
    (I guess this would be both Lower Right and Lower Left)?

  5. Which leaves Upper Right. In my spare time, for my own amusement and edification, I tinker with my theoretical model that aligns the 11 dimensions of (some versions of) String or M Theory with Wilber’s AQAL model, and with the cosmologies of the world’s major wisdom traditions. Also with recent advances in cognitive science (cue Ian McGilchrist).

  6. Now it’s time for me to Show Up on my own home turf and go wash up after breakfast.

Thanks for asking!


That’s great Karen! Best of luck! I myself am getting ready to start a certificate in digital marketing and look towards getting a new job. I am in an Integral study group hosted by Charles Marxer with two other students; Irina & Paula. I also share integral content and analysis on my personal instagram.

Awesome! I was in an Integral study group with Charles and a few others, several years ago, and it’s among the most rewarding of my various Integral-related activities. Please say hi to Charles from me when next you meet.

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