What‘s the planetary ecological situation right now?

Hello friends. It seems that true, opinion-free information is rare to find these days. I’m interested in the ecological situation. What are the processes, regions, dynamics. Is it bad? Is it really bad? What’s happening?

Wow. Thanks. What I’m looking for is just pure data on the amount of destruction that’s being done to the planet and its dynamics.

I mean, look out the window. How much nature do you see? How much ecology?
Would you drink unfiltered water from a stream near your home? I remember a time when I would, but not now. Is there even a stream near your home to drink from? Do you drink your municipal water?

Water is the basic necessity of all life on this planet. You can answer your question by a simple sampling of the most crucial molecule necessary for life.

What are you going to believe - information or your lying eyes?

My window - quite a lot of nature, actually. Would not drink from a local stream, but no problems with tap water. We only have a relatively minor case of metacrisis, thankfully. Periodic volcanic eruptions and coastal tsunamis - yeah, those could be problems. They do restore the earth, however.