What's your biggest disagreement with Integral theory?


Wow this is good news you had a music appreciation afternoon
“Jai Guru Deva, Om, nothings going to change my mind ,written by john .
personally i resonate with George’s works just inspiring love it.
I say hi as im fresh back on ILC ,perhaps you could point me out some discussion s kens talks or others loads to engage with .
I have joined full membership this week.
Truly kens philosophy’s have been life changing for us all thank you.
( be blessed,oh my God,who gives suffering
As the only divine remedy for our folly,
As the highest and purest essence preparing
The strong in spirit for ecstasies most holy.)
That was from Les Fleurs du mal Charles Baudelaire.
dipping in and out of kens works his collaborations teachings are for me some of the most interesting discussions on the planet .
over the last 30 years or more really wow time flys.
Discovering Then receiving paper publications “what is enlightenment magazine.
I have decided to really adopt ,engage ,and accommodate
Integeral theory,n practise , i still have my integral life practice 2008 book now in plane sight not tucked away also received the download
That comes with joining .
Lawanna i am reaching out as we have some
rep-ore .
Perhaps i have overstepped the ‘to much info,or wrong time place boundary .? you havent the time to read all the following please don’t feel obliged
Or i am breaking community rules cross-topics i would apreciate sine-posting To appropriate topics

Somone with my age has interests alined with ilp from time, i have had and do have, personal struggles both recognised owned, and accepted, towards growth, and some ongoing and difficult life situations .
I have tried to go it alone to long under adverse conditions for years.
My friends return of liver disease after a liver transplant some years ago is now thrown us into the unknown , and into grief .
( my neglect of practise zazen, let this be a warning life shows up , it aint always great they way it decides to do this , i have practised mainly zazen zen for 10 years well untill i decided i dont have time. Crazy yes.
my unsuited work Which stops engagement with practise. Struggle.
ensuing, Depression Time away from employment.
I could do with an integral councillor ?something i promised i would do.
I have recently been diagnosed with adult ADD. ADHD and all its substrates fun things like rejection sensitive dysphoria .
Empaths ,i never could work out if i felt emotions in a say nuro typical way?
Now i understand the amplified emotion is the neurological wiring ADD/ADHD . Creating some jumping around states for sure.
For me personally this would explain so much and am interested what some of the integral professionals people who work in neurology or medicine or psychiatry,or just great advocates of integeral philosophy here have to say on this, in regards to ;
Actualising self , lines of development,and practise.
I have my own experiences of this but it would be great to find integeral
Pundits with whom i can engage n contribute with on ILP on this enquiry
ADD/ADHD has is a confusing, contradictory, inconsistent, and frustrating condition. Interfering with my deepest core interests lines of development ,over a lifetime leading to deflation substance misuse and all those dark places
Hey I’m 12 years sober after 2 years in rehab so thats a start.

Kind regards .dan


Hello again, is it Dan? Please be assured that you are certainly not the only person on this site with personal struggles, as you’ll discover for yourself as you start reading in various topics.

Your quoting Baudelaire made me want to offer a few quotes of my own, relevant to ‘personal struggle.’ There is this: “Life has meaning only in the struggle. Triumph or defeat is in the hands of the Gods…so let us celebrate the struggle!” (Swahili Warrior Song) And speaking of warriors, there is the motto of the Navy Seals: “The only easy day was yesterday.” And this on warrioring from Castaneda’s “Journey to Ixtlan”–“To achieve the mood of a warrior is not a simple matter. It is a revolution.” And finally, when all else fails, I find this useful and cause for a smile, from one of the founders of Esalen Institute, Dick Price: “The situation is hopeless, but not serious.”:slightly_smiling_face:

I can suggest some categories and topics here that might be relevant as a jumping-off point for discussion; some of them have links embedded that will take you to other resources that may be useful. What I would say about the ADD/ADHD, however, is that you might want to start your own topic at this site on that subject, as I don’t recall any conversation around it up to now.

What I would also offer is a suggestion that you might want to check out some of the free videos/audios on the internet as examples of yoga nidra practice, also called ‘yogic sleep’ (nidra is Sanskrit for sleep). Many people, myself included, think depression, while having numerous causes and forms, is oftentimes related to energy depletion, or in sleep-research terms, disruption in our BRAC (“basic rest-activation cycle”). (And not just during sleep, but during waking hours as well.)

Yoga nidra is a form of deep conscious rest/relaxation, an extension of the Savasana posture (corpse or sponge) of hatha yoga. It is generally done lying down and listening to an audio (or live voice) that guides one through a rotating series of directives of where to place one’s awareness/attention in the physical body (e.g “on the hollow of the throat,” “at the bend of the right wrist joint,” “at the space between the eyebrows,” etc.). Then you are guided to move through subtle layers of self, (referred to as the four bodies or sheaths or koshas, i.e. the energy body, the mental body, the wisdom body, the bliss body) using breathing and mindfulness techniques, for deeper healing and rejuvenation and to ‘clear’ these bodies. I believe some branches of Buddhist philosophy also equate depression with an imbalance between rest and activity, leading to depletion of energy in both the physical and subtle bodies. I’ve read, although I can’t quote you the source right off hand, that yoga nidra has also been helpful to people with ADHD. Anyway, just google yoga nidra and check it out, if interested.

As to topics on this IL community site that might get you started, the Ken Show on Integral Live (https://integrallife.com/live/–for future reference) that just aired on March 9 was on “growing up,” and covered stages of development with a great adjunct of movie clips to illustrate the stages. You can find that on this site under the MEDIA category, topic “Growing Up: A Guided Tour.” There was mention in this episode that “lines of development” which you’ve indicated an interest in, will be covered, possibly in the next episode. (The Ken Show is monthly, about the 2nd Saturday usually I believe; this is possibly my favorite of all Integral Life offerings.)

Also under the MEDIA category, the topic “Reclaiming Your Power While Struggling with Chronic Illness” offers access to some inspirational interviews and stories.

Under the UNCATEGORIZED category are these topics: “Big Awesome List of Integral Voices” (listings of Integral leaders in different fields, including therapy); “Starting on the Shadow” (mentions here too of integral therapists); “Medicine and Spiritual Practice.”

Under the REFLECTIONS category are the following topics: “Approaches to Healing Trauma,” “It’s Lonely at the Top,” “When Integral Met the Twelve Steps,” and “Integral Studies and Therapy.” (And given that you’re an audiophile, check out under this category “What albums, songs, artists or genres of music have had a profound influence on your life?”)

Under the DOJO category, there is the topic “How to decrease stress level with using integral approach.”

Finally, just scroll and check in with whatever looks interesting, as there is a lot of conversation/content that may be relevant to your interests, but is shared under a seemingly irrelevant topic (just like you and I are doing here…).

Hope this is helpful, rubbersoul2 Dan, and yes, I like George too…Something about that gently weeping guitar that sounds like my sweet lord. :slightly_smiling_face: Congrats on the sobriety–no easy feat.