Where are the women?


Listening to Keith Witt and Corey deVos and I think again to myself: They are offering beautiful talks and insights, as do Jeff Salzman and last not least Ken. I am enjoying listening and learning - and at the same time I am painfully aware that they are expressing the masculine/male perspective although they try to include the feminine, but they simply have a masculine way of seeing the world and expressing themselves.

How come that there is no interview series with women? There are many smart integral women in the world, they are not so in the forefront, but if you were at the Conference in Hungary, the genders were quite balanced.

What about looking for female integralists to talk with? It is not about claiming a quote, but the total imbalance is just not to ignore. You might need to adjust your topics and be prepared that women, at least more often than not, are less interested in theoretical gymnastics but more to bring down to earth, into real life, what they know (and that can seem “inferior” to all the theoretical warriors who value more the mental than the practical).

Let’s address this shadow in the integral community and how integral is expressed into the world by you (leading) guys!


Hi Heidi! Just a quick note to let you know that I am totally tracking this imbalance, and trying to find ways to address it. I certainly don’t want to enforce any kind of green “quota” mechanism here, but when an imbalance like this is so obvious, then something needs to be done to address it. Especially since, over the last year or two, our traffic demographics have changed considerably — whereas 5 years ago the ratio was something like 65% men and 35% women coming to the site, now it’s much closer to 50/50, and I very much want to be sure that integral feminine voice is being represented.

The problem, as you say, is that for whatever reason, integral women “are not so in the forefront”, and the ones who are are often super involved with their own projects that require all their time and attention, and therefore don’t have the time/energy to perform a monthly show for us. But I am looking, and hope to make some traction here soon.

Also, I do have one of my favorite women — Beena Sharma — lined up to do her own monthly show, which I think would be absolutely fantastic. The only problem is she has been struggling with illness recently, and that has delayed our plans quite a bit. But I am hoping that we can start something new with her in the months to come. We are already working with her on a new Integral Polarity Management course, which should be available mid-year. And there is another demographic bonus working with Beena — she’s not a white dude :slight_smile:

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I am tracking this, and hope to find some ways to address the imbalance in the relatively near future.


Hi Corey,
Thanks for the info. I am glad that we are at 50/50 nowadays, it took some time until more women were attracted to integral as it had so much emphasis on the mental, the theory and discussions around it so that many women didn’t feel at home. This has changed a lot, in Germany in the Integrales Forum and in Hungary at the conferences, not so much in US, seems to me, having been on the live stream of your conference last year.

If you cannot find women for a regular show, so why not ask several women to do one or two episodes? It would also be great if you could include people who are not based in US as your audience is international.

You might ask Bence Ganti who certainly can give you some hints of amazing women who would be ready to talk with you!


Heidi’s concerns and Corey’s announcement that Beena will have a show reminds me of Susan Cook Greuter. I admire them greatly. It would be wonderful to see both on ILC though I’m sure Susan is busy too. In this, I heard from Corey some time ago that she’s working on a book. Corey, if you are reading this, do you know when it will be out and if you or Ken will be interviewing her? I sincerely hope she’s in good health and Seema gets well too!!


I want to particularly refer to the talk on abortion. I found it rolling on with blatant blindspots which would not have been if there was a woman in the room. The biggest one: where is the male participant to the pregnancy. No word! Which quadrant do we need to invent here?