Where is the serious academic work on Integral in the last 15 years?

Not sure how to ask this, but one thing I notice is that it is difficult to find what I would call current “intetral thinking” in the intellectual marketplace. I know there are people who are writing in the vicinity of integral–Jonathan Haidt and Irshad Manji are two authors whose books are nearby in my book case. But they are not mentioning integral and I don’t see dialogue going on that generates the rich thinking I see on Integral Life and in Wilber’s books beyond this community.

If there are ways to find good writing related to Integral–maybe I’m not using the right search terms–I’d love to know.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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Can’t help you with search terms, but I totally resonate with the difficulty finding “integral thinking” in wider circles of the intellectual marketplace – including and especially academia.

IMAO, what are calling “integral thinking” is so far ahead of the curve that the larger community (including and especially academia) hasn’t caught up with it yet.

But it will. IMAO.

I’m not sure if this is fully “academic”, but it is serious. And very integral.

What an interesting problem? Maybe the winds of integral has died in its irrelevancy in the crisis. The ship left awhile ago. These are the people I see holding the flame that no longer uses the word integral for endless of reasons.

Zak Stein
Daniel Schmachtenberger
Mathew Segall
Bruce Alderman
Ian McGilchrist
John Vervaeke
Marc Gafni

Yeah also there is a series of books about the convergence of the metatheories of Integral with Critical Realism. The first is “Metatheory for the Twenty First Century”, the second is “Big Picture Perspectives on Planetary Flourishing”. The third book is under development and should be published this year and it is probably going to be called “Integrative Approaches to the Global Metacrisis”. I am currently in the process of writing an academic paper that might somehow get incorporated into this new volume. Perhaps just snippets will be incorporated into the introductory chapter. I’m working with the lead editor, Dr. Nicholas Hedlund (who is also my professor at CIHS and one of Roy Bhaskar’s proteges) and Dr. Sean Esbjorn-Hargens (one of Ken’s most notable proteges). Basically the whole idea is to build on top of Integral Theory and further synthesize it with other metatheories and then use this synthesis to address the greatest problems and crises in the world. It is pretty seriously academic and some of the people that Bria mentioned in that comment above are contributors to this series. Here is a link to the book series so far: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Nicholas-Hedlund/author/B0143SNFKG

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Glad to here there is such work in progress!

Closer to the ground, here are some integral-influenced works I have engaged with recently:

  • Steve McIntosh, Developmental Politics
  • Robin Lincoln Wood, The Great Shift: Catalyzing the Second Renaissance
  • Willow Dea, Igniting Brilliance
  • Zachary Stein, Education in a Time Between Worlds

The unifying thread between all those is education for democracy.