While you were distracted by Wokism vs Trumpism


I checked it out and confirmed this isn’t just conspiracy but really is in the works.
This is an example of the kinds of things I find disturbing.
It has nothing to do with wokism or antiwokism, Biden and Harris or any other distraction.

While so many Americans are distracted by nonsensical narratives, yet another right to privacy has been completely bulldozed.

Summary: Banks and financial institutions will be required to report to the IRS all transactions in all accounts with more than $600.
Yes, when I first saw it I thought “conspiracy bs”. But no, confirmed it is an actual thing.


Ah, well. Talking about it in our office today it’s going to be a goldmine for us.

Gonna be lots of unhappy people getting audit letters from the IRS in a few years.

Me in 2023:


Crypto is something gov needs to sort out. Im not into crypto so dont.have any issue.

I guess no more under the table contractors so I send a 1099 they they get hit, meanwhile I get the deduction.
Seems like will disproportionately hit the Small Biz folks.

Kudlows take on the DNC taxer blaster plan. Doesnt expect the Biden Stazi Tax Enforcement to pass.
Kudlow might not be Don Lemmon, but he trys. Lol