Who Ate Captain Cook? Integral Historiography in a Postmodern Age

Originally published at: https://integrallife.com/who-ate-captain-cook-integral-historiography-in-a-postmodern-age/

In this fascinating sidebar to Ken Wilber’s book Boomeritis: A Novel That Will Set You Free, Ken offers a summary of integral historiography, revealing a far more comprehensive way to integrate multiple schools of historiography and to deepen our enactment of both the facts and most salient interpretations of the historical record.

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Yeah I listened to the multi-part podcast that accompanies this article a couple weeks ago. Pretty awesome stuff! I appreciate the different fallacies that are highlighted.

I think a different title would have been a good choice. Im really into alternative historical possibilities such as presented in “Ancient Aliens” series for example. I also enjoy researching the debunking of those theories and I note some of the debunking doesnt hold water. What we have then is the historical narrative has a lot of large periods that are just one opinion that is preferred over another. I could write an entire book on the topic, lol.
But on the topic of Captain Cook, I’ve never even heard the rumour that he was eaten. Its such an absurd and racist idea that I feel like its straw manning non mainstream historical theories. Its like the author thought “What is the most absurd and offensive theory i can assign to the side of the topic that I disfavor”. Its not even a theory, its just a made up joke in bad taste. It doesnt even come close to the valudity of the question (for example): If Euclid “discovered” “modern geometry”, How were the pyramids built if Euclid made the required Geometric discoveries 3,000 years later? The obvious and logical conclusion is thst Euclid didnt discover but learned Geometry, but did not cite his source. If anything he is the “father of plagarism”

Here is an insigtful literary work on the topic of eating Captain Cook: