Who wants to help me create an AQAL docu-series?

I’d really love to purposefully create an AQAL docu-series, travel the US and the world with an integrally informed and witty person or group, and convert my skills and utility as a producer/filmmaker into a more integrally informed environment.

We would seek out interviews with any number of people relevant to our inquiries. We’d be making and generating an AQAL analysis and potentially AQAL narratives in hopes of providing a clearer insight into the topics we cover.

Ideally, we in this group would be able to share the burdens of workload and investments, travel and costs and workspaces required for this type of content creation.

Currently, I have much of the gear required to shoot and edit high-quality media (regardless of our distribution strategies, think Netflix requirements are currently met). So we’d be starting off with professional gear: camera, codec, audio, lighting, iMac pro computer and required software.

I wouldn’t say I’m the best director, editor, cinematographer etc. But with 10 years+ experience in production and creating relationships with corporations like Pearson, (Producing, directing, and project managing, medical language learning series) to passion projects with friends. For instance, I made my first recording studio for a dear friend and we co-created a very powerful podcast interview series where in our first year we interviewed several Time magazine covers (including names like Cornell West, Noam Chomsky, and others).

I could go on but I’m not going to turn this into a resume. My point is that I’m serious. And I’m looking for serious collaborators.

Last year I was feeling this way (wanting to collaborate and make AQAL movies/content) in the summertime and my biggest block was my aging camera gear and low finances. This year I have upgraded all my gear spending just under 70k on new gear for projects I took on in the US and South America covering Ayahuasca and other plant medicines.

These projects are over now and I’d just do it on my own (make AQAL content) and gradually bring in others as needed but I’m back in the states now and I have a quickly approaching choice. Sell my gear and take a break from the stress of life and lose all this amazing filmmaking gear or find you dear collaborator(s) and use this momentum for something good, true and beautiful.

I’m currently seeking to address my shortcomings by working with collaborators each of which brings life to our projects.

Is there someone here who can bring money into the project. Someone who is personally able to fund and/or is able to get funds for us? Now?

This part is super important because if this person doesn’t get involved very soon I will move on to other projects making me unavailable for this one or worse if don’t find projects that my heart is in I won’t be making money and I will just sell my gear.

The second kinds of collaboration I’m seeking are integral thinkers and programmers of so many types. In fact, I’d like to communicate with the whole community and process what we make of what’s happening in the world. I imagine that we could keep talking about what we uncover in our interviews as the filming progresses and the integral visions and insights that come from this community will help shape the content.

I’ve been a part of this community off and on in its various forms for the last 15 years, hiding in the shadows usually, but occasionally reaching out as an artist or poet or being in beta testing for products like Core Integral or just reading and watching all the content from integralinstitute’ and the old version of integrallife and sometimes even reaching out to amazing people Ken interviewed in the past and working to help with them at times on their projects.

As I stated in the beginning:
I’d really love to purposefully create an AQAL docu-series, travel the US and the world with an integrally informed and witty person or group, and convert my skills and utility as a producer/filmmaker into a more integrally informed environment.

I’m currently in North Carolina visiting my girlfriend, I drove here from Los Angeles. My next stop may be in Minneapolis, MN or Idaho.

Now it’s time to do more. What do you say?


please feel free to message me personally if you’d rather.
my email and google voice number are:



@Orrin_Pratt, have you considered doing a Kickstarter or a GoFundMe to generate the funds? This also sounds like the exact sort of documentary Gaia might pick up and fund (gaia.com). It’s possible with the right pitch that other streaming services might fund it, too… perhaps framing it as a docu-series on Integral solutions to the political divide? The political divide is a such a hot topic that I feel like it would be an easy sell, but I’m just spitballing.

Something that may also save travel expenses is doing the interviews virtually via a Zoom / Skype call or other mechanism (much in the same way IntegralLife does its interviews with 3rd parties).

I think it would be helpful to better understand what the specifics of “AQAL content” and “AQAL narratives” are. What is the main end goal / message you would want a viewer of the series to take away? Especially a viewer who may be in Tier 1 thinking (which is going to be the majority of your audience if a streaming service picks it up)?


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Hey Russ!
Thanks for the response. I appreciate your answers.

In regards to saving money on travel via teleconferencing and crowdsourcing as well as finding a network to back it of course this is very possible.

To be honest I have crowdsourced for myself and others in the past and I’ve successfully helped raise money in this way before.

However for each of these projects I never had this level of treatment available to me in the past. I really want integral content to have something capable of being as beautiful as a Hollywood film.

If I were to sell my gear I could probably treat the funds as the budget for teleconferencing folks and make a deal with a group like Gaia. But then I’d loose this opportunity to create content on this level of quality.

It’s something I could consider.

Really I want to find someone who’s hungry to dig deeply into presentation of integral ideas without being to didactic is willing to travel who can become really good friends with and can fund the project.

This may mean we start on smaller peices of work to see if we like working together.

In any case I’m not expecting anyone like this is here, I’m just putting out.

Hi Orrin,

Looks like you beat me to the punch. I get the impression that your objective is to create documentaries as the means by which it will inform and educate those interested in transformation. No doubt, this would certainly help spread the word on IT but would this be the main objective in creating these documentaries? Is it for those who already know about IT or the majority of the population who don’t but ought to? Regarding the latter, I recall Ken Wilber saying that proper interpretation brings proper transformation.
Hence would it be possible to create narratives that carry within them the knowledge, awareness, and insight that IT offers which is needed to transform the hearts and minds of the masses that a documentary could not?
i’m with the understanding that what keeps the evolution of humanity crawling at a snail’s pace are the millions of people who are asleep in their waking state i.e. not integrally informed. And what better way to wake them up than with narratives that have the power to go deeper than mere information or theories. I would think that the real challenge would be is in creating transformative narratives at a level that most people can comprehend and in ways that the rational mind cannot. Would this be part of your idea for Integral docu-series?

Terrific idea @Orrin_Pratt! I am very busy but would be glad to be of any assistance that I can be as an editor and proof reader - take a look at my profile page for information on my background in these areas. Making the AQAL perspective accessible to a broader audience is the very definition of a worthy endeavor!