Why does the West Hate Itself?

It is also paradoxical to hold today’s progressive position that it is racist for Western societies to think themselves more “advanced” while simultaneously holding them to higher standards of justice than others. Such contradictions abound because in our debates over justice, we are reluctant to admit the truth: that while Western societies are not fair, they are pretty much the fairest humanity has built so far. And fairness is the best measure of justice we have.

… so enter stage right Critical Theory…

Are there any good books on topics like this ? When I read this I notice I do not understand a lot about these topics.

I certainly feel this is an UL as well as LL afair. Europes history is vast reaching into ancient egypt etc. I can understand the european self-hatred or western self-hatred based on history. I am US/EU citizen. So, I often feel this wounding gap of welcoming people and I can’t really talk about this without going full global.

Watching the news and extracting the information that I have I feel that survival plays a main role here, that western civilization survived all of it’s history, especially in Europe with ancient Rome and how often this red/blue moving empire had downfalls. I am obviously spoiled by videos.

Yet, having access to higher education basically for free in Germany as well as Germany has a lot of history with WW1 and WW2 as well as the Berlin Wall and sort of this segreation in a difference since, I can see that people especially younger want solutions for global problems instead of only their nationalistic viewpoint. Even talking about this with people in my age can pressure them and trigger their fragility, especially white males. I don’t know why this is it feels like this at least. Feeling powerless in general and vulnerable sort of this stage red feeling of vulnerability and being threatend. Is not very good. The “techno-economic base” whatever that might entail mobile phones, the internet, giant cooperations, european union itself etc. Helps a lot with giving people opportunities for higher levels of income, yet wealth disparity is still rising. I don’t know why I am not an expert on the global market. Then again the rise of cryptocurrency and all of that I don’t know how much that has an influence.

The justice standards are mostly thrown over when survival kicks in and I can sort of understand the call to equality, yet I never really understood how to overcome inequality working together on global problems seems to me the most fair proposition any country could make. Like energy ressources, fossil fuel etc.

Also in europe I feel class thinking can still be very prevalent and the new american wave of materialism always seems to swap over. More hedonic pleasure I already feel that I should whiten my teeth to seem like a person of wealth.

I feel this is mostly a false distribution of ressources not offering programs to people of color inside our country for instance or to create even for them which includes me a homogeneous experience of some sort. So, I am not exposed to constant crazyness of diversity. People take their wealth and their priviledge often for granted, that there is no war, no slavery, no crime. Accepting this would make it even fairer. Talking to a friend of mine who has more expertise in this area.

It’s not easy to create an equal playground for all ethnicities because people do not acknowledge the disparities. For instance racial profiling or smth similar. Western society is fairer, yet it is still more difficult for me for instance to find friends who could talk about this subject. It is mostly white women who I can talk to about these issues. Because of gender wage gap and similar disparities between genders. Even though society is getting better and better.

During my studies I really really felt left out and I still feel left out rural regions still have bias and especially that white priviledge in an UL domain is way way to strong, the amount of connections and the amount of attention you get as a white male who is tall with blue eyes in Germany is insane. Even if you are not German. I am often perceived as threat when there is a larger group, because I have this “vibe” then again having a lot of turkish people here normalizes this to a degree.

I would appreciate it if people would actually reach out and just be like. Hey would you enjoy working together on a project ? Yet, I often feel that I am being left out I was for instance one of the best students during my studies the first two semester as bi-racial black/white/cisgender male. People are way to afraid to ask me for help, to work together with me all of that as long as the person is white it is somewhat calming ? People easily find a peer group because they look a like or have common interest. While mine are skewed by my culture. Finding even one person who listens to american rap is like finding a needle in the haystack.

The west in my opinion should be hold to higher standards because they are more evolved.

Writing this feels more like a rant, because I do not know a lot about these issues when I read the article. I can mostly releate from personal experience. That especially when you are white you severly are benefitted by UL connections having friends even same interest because of a shared culture and not including others because you presume they do not like it or could enjoy it or accept it or even tolerate it. Is one main issue. Even being fair then on skill is discriminating because you have more access to experience because you share a bigger frame of acquaintances.

Yet, I don’t know writing this feels more like a rant. I would love it if people would be more welcoming instead of antagonistic and there would be a larger in-group sharing of similarities instead of focusing on differences. Focusing on what works and being functional as well as compassionate and communal instead of striving towards competition.

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Hi once3800, thanks for sharing your insights, thoughts, and personal experiences. It sounds like you are Germany as a mixed race

At least here in the US, the list of progressive publications is massive with their own dedicated sections in bookstores. White Fragility, Critical Race Theory, Woke would be your best key words to search for. For more academic foundational texts are from Hegel, Marx and others.
For the counter perspectives would be Charles Murray, Victor Davis Hansen, James/Bogossian/Pluckrose.

In US, confidence in our news media is at an all time low. They simply aren’t credible. I personally attribute it to their continual focus on Amygdala Hijack in order to drive ratings.

I do think you have someone different benefits, issues and concerns in Europe than in the US. While we have class structure, we also have perhaps the highest level of class mobility on the planet. Even more so than Europe.

We see this in the US as well. As an example, the Gov of California will focus on global warming when the state is suffering from deep state financial, personal poverty and violent crime issues. The less progressives will say they want the basics covered, with under or unemployed young people protesting greenhouse gas emissions and the soon to hit climactic Armageddon. There doesn’t seem to be a rational balance.

We Americans are definitely materialistic, but I’m not sure we have cornered the market. Some would argue that the socialist/communist initiatives from the Left are a pathway to very limited personal property ownership. In the US, we are seeing a declining trend in personal home ownership and uptick in a rental culture. As someone that has always “bought into” home ownership being a major opportunity to develop personal wealth, it’s a scary thought to think that younger people may never own their own homes.

University in the US, at least in STEM fields, is very much a “what can you do yourself” competitive environment. I remember 1st day of freshman Chem and the prof said “look to your left, now look to your right. 2 out of 3 of you won’t make it. This is a hard subject, you have to do the work, and really want to make it or you will probably 2 of the 3 that change majors.” Was it fair and equal opportunity to succeed? I always felt disadvantaged having to work my way through college, but oddly made my very best grades working fulltime as a machinist and going to school fulltime. What definitely wasn’t “fair” is that I didn’t get to party or vacation like many kids.

Most people don’t really “like” everyone, nor do they “reach out”. It simply doesn’t happen as much as we all might think as we are sitting home alone on Saturday night. When we are with potential friends, do we have conversations with them that really respect who they are? Who they want to be? What they care about?
And while not fair, I think it’s more than a “cultural bias” that the beautiful girls get 10x the date offers than the average girls. And not surprisingly, they can have the worst time with finding and developing “deep” relationships. I also laugh at the female “ideal partner” as well - tall, athletic, great smile, brain surgeon, private jet, incredible family - and guess what - he’s either already married to a super model or single for several very good reasons. LOL.

Based on your post, I’m guessing you are very “cerebral”. Are you very good at “having fun”? Or like many of us do you tend to get into intense, deep, philosophical discussions that might eventually become off-putting for others? With highly intelligent people it’s quite easy to get into a “smartest person in the room” jousting match, that just as wrestling with a heavy weight Olympian might only be fun for one person. Just something I’ve noticed about myself.

I don’t think this is a focus these days. Starting with Modernity, the force du jour is to decompose into itty bitty slivers every single thing - personality, diet, exercise, hyper specialization, political, religious - then argue things back together in a way that fits each of our own personal noospheres. Sadly along the way, we’re likely to be aghast at how wrong people can be as we watch their decompositions, which then makes us highly unlikely to consider their personal visions.
I personally have started finding very specific interests and stick to those interests. As an example, I would never fire up a Integral Theory conversation at the church social or with the motorcycle club. It’s ok to have fun sometimes.

Peace and Blessing!

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Yes, I’d prefer bi-racial instead of mixed-race let alone of media and let’s say German ads and language. I personally do not like the term mixed.

I never really read Marx, he was born an one hour drive away from my current location. I’ve visited his grave in London with a friend who is a fan of him. I never quite understood besides that the historically period longed for an answer most likely what Marx is about. I asked her what Marx is about and IIRC he was disambiguating class based thinking and created sort of this non-class thinking.

I’ve read a bit about anarchy and self-governing systems that work without the influence without money, so in the poltical quadrant I am like left-liberal leaning. Many of these ideas are quite good, yet again. I can understand why you study this in depth. I definitely wanted to read Spinoza, Hegel, and Chomsky to further understand a higher level political discourse. From what I understood Marx seemed to be very green ? Yet, I have no in depth knowledge about this subject.

Critical race theory and white fragility when I first heard these terms they seemed like a joke to me, it’s amazing to me that we have to study this, because I had the “priviledge” to contemplate these from early on in my life. My aunt for instance is in a civil marraige with another women. I never quite understood, yet notice the more diverse and the more my survival is even threatend and the tigther my culture becomes, the more I notice antagonistic thought regardless of the person. As well as sound,sight,touch already seem to apply that. I googled the term woke most of the music I consumed was talking about being woke, yet more in a meditative sense or just using your sense.

German news especially the “Tagesthemen” usually do a pretty good job of keeping stuff neutral and in the dark. Yet, they play in my opinion nastly with color psychology. It sometimes really makes me angry to see all of this stuff, and then how people associate it. So, it’s a good brainwashing they care about making people aware usually. Especially, taking lessons from history and not creating Amygdala Hijacking, because yeah the word “Schadenfreude” does not exist for naught.

I checked Wikipedia for class mobility, class mobility seems to be according to their data very high in Germany for example and very low in the U.S, the U.S was in one illustration rated the lowest with the highest income disparity ironcially.

The study was from 2009, so I don’t know how quickly that can change I am not an expert on this subject.

I pray at this point that the U.N does it job hearing all of this crazy stuff about climate change and californaian wildfires/forest fires. Can definitely be an amygdala hijack.

Same thing happening here as far as I know our “Green” party or how you’d define liberal party or more socialist party definitely cares about these issues they gained a lot more votes.They also embrace a rental culture, yet it seems to be more out of the need to help people from poverty and the increase of property prices overall. So, it is more of a neccessary measure. I could also not be up-to-date.

They said the samething to me because I am also in a STEM major, it is sort of neccessary, it is amazing that you have access to a job. That is legit what I mean with what I mean with UL priviledge, seeing someone from a different minority holding a job while going to a polytechnic university, in an “rural” area or small town area, is amazing, because I have legit seen only one person and being a minorty of a minorty as a bi-racial person speaking in sheer numbers. It is hard to even find something local let alone strategical. The go out then into the job market and become sort of this pioneer who conquers his fear of being part of a minority is still strange land for German minds. I asked my Prof. directly if he thinks it is fair that I have to put my face on a job application when they do not have to do it in the u.s. He was very accepting and the discussion went in the direction of he could not tell that I was black based on voice, because usually you can do that in America. At least that is how I feel.

The dating market is very racist, I am not at my hometowns technical university, and I have never seen a date so far that goes outside “racial” norms, only white with white, black with black. This sort of gives me an headache as well as there are no good role modles. What I read from Wilber in a more technical sense the only thing I see is really Asians and Whites dating. Obviously people can have biases and preferences, yet it is very discouraging to look at the staistics and see this reflected. Especially, when you basically don’t have a lot of other bi-raical people lol. My best friend is bi-national and his GF is bi-racial. Again White and Asian. I’ve never seen anything else that legit WORKED. Only in the U.S which makes me resent my country a lot. There are so many people from so many different countries it’s insane. I love it, yet I don’t see myself represent properly in all areas. The news might do good work and the younger generation too. In the end I can also take the responsiblity onto myself.

I also feel left out not being able to travel and white women especially here in Germany demanding almost to travel each f*ing holiday season, so it is already implied that you’d either work and or date someone from your own social class. I don’t know there could be a section on integral dating. My mother and her family had more holiday trips that I could dream off.

I don’t like debating all that much I personally reach the highest level of life satisfaction through spiritual practices and understanding experiences for instance through the Ken Wilbers work as well as other maps from Buddishm etc. So, I am very curious.

This is something that I am balancing out becoming highly specific interested in one area and reading and comprehending broad, to see what current holons exist outthere. Yet, it takes a lot of time to understand all of this.

I still digest some experiences I had during my upbringing it is not very fun for me to be a German/American when sometimes old people come to me and thank me for bringing them care packages. As well as boomers running towards me thinking I am a refugee and the constant question of apparent German curiosity and custody where are you from ? We gotta be friendly. I frankly hate it and could care less I would love it if these things actually would be more private and just unfolds on it’s own.

Wish you also, the best ! Was not expecting a thoughtful reply, it feels already heartbreaking to not having been thought my one of my native languages and this for me is very strong shadow material and then to type all of this coherently. Without being able to dive into the technicalities as well as having very strong emotional reactions to even typing this.

I do apologize if I come across as to offensive. My intuition often time is looming in the background waiting for the right trigger, yet I never dove that deep into these topics. As well as my schooling was so hardcore fragmented because of these LL identity issues. It’s very very annyoing as well as heartbreaking to work against that.

What I say to Germans nowadays on the street I should go to jail. If the holocaust wasn’t real and people are really not interested in working together anymore I don’t know what all of this history was good for. I can’t currently read it it literally breaks my heart.

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It sounds like you have a lot of shadows to deal with (as we all do, you’re not so special in this regard). The kind of women you likely want to date will have intuitive “shadow sensors” and steer clear. Women are highly attuned to these things. Just this weekend my personal Shadow Detector was giving me a comprehensive inventory of my many shadows and how I should immediately eradicate them :slight_smile:.

Regarding class mobility - in the US you will find work commensurate with your IQ and education regardless of the socio-economic class from which you were born. Being bi-racial, Black specifically, and a STEM major you will literally have preference for every large corporate job you apply to - literally every single position. You will also have preference for every promotion or internal job transfer. With our current diversity initiatives, this will be the proverbial land of milk and honey, career fast track for you. This will also make you very attractive to the ladies. And before you buy into the current US media, just look no further than our elected and reelected 44th President :slight_smile:.

One concern I have to the Integral Community is that there is quite a lot of shunning of widespread communities - churches (we know better, right?), sports clubs (that might be orange or red), organize a hobby group, or participate in mundane/not-cool activities with other humans. Do you volunteer with humility, without agenda, without a Crusade, without recognition, and with calm joy?

Just a personal note. One thing I like to do is to take an inventory occasionally of my gifts, blessing, luck and capabilities to perhaps see pathways that don’t require changing of the external world’s zeitgeist. Just something I find that helps me get some perspective sometimes.

Peace and blessing!

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You are right, it’s very difficult to say anything against that. Besides that I’ve read a book on the weekend about performance (Talent is a myth) and I have a very strong stage orange performance drive, that IQ does not matter when you get to higher stages of performance, yet the complexity of the task is usually higher. As well as having this mindset of having talent is toxic, in the sense that it corrodes how an actual performance increase happens. The book was insightful again as towards what constitues to growth and what does not. Focusing only on social issues and being ennea 4 and seeing all of that and then channeling that is not as easy as I’d love it to be.

Focusing on my craft and keeping track of the worlds current zeitgeist and or gestalt, is definitely smth that is great ! As well as letting go and being thankful for what is currently in place in ones life. Yes, god I type to much. I also keep track of my gifts and blessings as well as I am currently integrating a lot from the courses on my own with my own kind of practice. Which is not as easy as I’d like it to be. Creating a postive state of mind constantly without loosing myself in theory is very important.

I am very thankful for the message as well as the commentary. I also keep an inventory and bought a success journal that integrates a lot of stage orange / yellow self-actualization work. Definitely counting my blessings currently as well as gifts. Thank you again for the message. As well as I’d like to apologize for my rant, seeing the same pattern over and over again in progressives disgusts me a lot. Having again a more well-rounded circle of friends who can accept each other would counter-act alot of the madness that is outside.

Would you mind sharing the book title? It sounds interesting.

I might be “limited”, but simply cannot see how IQ, skill, talent, capability, whatever we want to call it wouldn’t help - wouldn’t be of value - wouldn’t help make the world a better place. All of these things enable us to produce more food, better medicines, communications, transportation,… And while decidedly “orange”, I think the idea of Integral is to Integrate all the levels. I can’t see how being able to grow a garden, chop wood, fix a car, design a building, invent a more efficient solar panel, isolate a new medicine will ever not be a great thing.

To head off on a tangent, I struggle with Integral Theory going from an anthropologically developed mapping of humanity, then extrapolating from bee hives to collections of molecules into a homogenous collectivist society for humankind. It seems to me the Integral community by and large is marching right down the path to centralized authoritarian collectivism. The more I study, the more it looks like a wash and wax on Marxism or Fascism (don’t be an individual, we’ll take care of things for you,…), all of which are extremely regressive for humankind (unless we crack the code this time around, right?). That’s never ever worked out well in the past, not a single time. Actually it’s always, every single time, resulted in massive human death and suffering. This is a question that I haven’t found a good answer for here in the Integral community.
Apologies if I’ve gotten off track a bit. Peace and blessings.

I agree, I don’t neccessary see the problem within integral, yet that humans are not integral enough in general. Having a few solid friends who are more integral then you’d expect and are not even part of this. They are helping and producing alot of serious and good work, while I struggle because of this imbalance as of individuality and community. I feel the easiest answer is already in place like the U.N or smth. similar as well as people who care about social issues and causes and don’t disregard the individual. Yet, constantly being the individual and not being part of a collective is a hoax in a sense a symbiotic relationship is definitely great, yet a lot depends on individuals putting in the work to find for instance a proper map like Wilber did with his work and then it depends on the worker ants to see what is good what is wrong. I went to a couple of exhibitions about anarchy and all of the political theories that exist, as long as people do not get stuck it is generally fine. Yet, I don’t know either I’d prefer reaching stream entry without spiritual bypassing then to study thousands of integral maps and or political theories. Although they create a lot of meaning and are important to make people aware of the constructs that are running through peoples skulls, instead of this constant “orange” fact check mind.

I can also have my own theory, and express it so many people fought already for that right, and I’d love to have an easier life in Germany as a person of color.

Is the full name of the book:

Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else by Geoff Colvin

Thanks for the title. I’ve found a really concise summary of “Talent is Overrated”.

From the summary (I have not read the book), I would be careful about some of the specific comparisons drawn. As an example, they did not find any correlation between sales performance and IQ. But are they looking at a 5 pt IQ range or a 35 pt IQ range? Might be covered in the written text.

Final summary was that the best predictor of success is motivation. :slight_smile:

I’ve bought the updated version of the book.

I speed read the book. So, I drew out only the most important principles. I can’t look at the video currently, because this is smth. my family side of the u.s had to struggle with a lot and I see this constantly reflected.

I don’t really care about the numbers the best exemplar they had in the book was about violinists.

That elite perfomer as vilonist received did more solo practice, as well as the kids who practied and were supported by their parents. Signing to them and or practicing with them made further and better progress regardless of iq, especially at higher stages solo practice seemed to be the key factor, of them succeding.

There are more broad principles that are more or less intuitive when reading. For instance a different exemplar was a football player, who adjusted his routine according to his position. He did extra training in order to have more endurance in the 4th quarter as some position in american football.

There was a also a borader principle describing how for instance having leverged skills in multiple areas and then being able to transfer them. Although I am conflating information now.

Sales performance was largely driven by EQ in the updated version from what I could filter out of the book through my lense. So, I am unsure as well as passion / intrinsic motivation / defining values / living these values. Embodiment all of this stuff. Instead of this constantly cerebral snobery. I’ve had my good share of that.

So sounds to me that various professions have different requirements. I would argue that, as an example, playing basketball at an elite level was simply not an option regardless of how motivated or supported I may have been. :slight_smile: Likewise the STEM profession I went into simply is not possible for most people. EQ for Sales performance - perhaps also Extroversion trait as well.
Now getting into good vs excellent, I’m hearing that “doing the work”, practicing (output of motivation and support) is what separates the good from the excellent.
Isn’t all of these very Orange’ish in nature - individual has to do the work, develop their capabilities, execute in the world??
If it were Teal or Integral Level, isn’t the argument that the individual is important but the collective interaction most critical?

Thanks for the conversations on this.

You can see what I mean don’t you ? As well as the bias no ?

It sounds to me like “Talent is Overrated” covered a lot of disparate topics with multiple characteristics viewed.

But I’m not sure I’m following you exactly on seeing the specific bias you’re referring too. I haven’t read the book, but I’m fairly certain that there is a lot of bias introduced in order to meet the editor and publishers goals to “sell books” :slight_smile:.

Sorry, but can you try stating again the bias you see?

Apperance and how deciving that can be. This is what I mean if I can have peace of mind, because of skin color. I am playing keyboard warrior here, yet I don’t fathom how much theory can help here besides, for the greater good and I don’t think theory helps at one point and being is more important.

As well as having a good map and or guidance.

Appearance and how deceiving, I think refers to either how deceiving the book is, or how deceiving the world is? I would task you to try and look at “how the world really is” as opposed to “how we think the world should be”.
Here on IL, I think most of the discussion is actually something like “the world should be this way (Integral Noosphere), but reality is bad because of those people doing such and so (those people not getting it)”. This is the perfect application of Critical Theory - the operating system of the progressive movement (as well as Socialism/Communism).

If it’s peace of mind you are looking for, I think you’re much more likely to develop this peace of mind through lots of interaction with individuals and communities of real live humans doing real things in the real world. It’s really the only way to iterate on “how we think the world is” vs “how the world should be” :slight_smile:

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Yes, this is what I mean feeling left out because of skin color and being the recipient of racism and hatred as well as noosphere in the dating realm and seeing that reflected in litature.

When I look at how the world really is am more profoundly amazed how everything revolves around love and truth, beauty, simplicity, complexity. Etc. Yet, pursuing meditative endeavours while caring about survival as well as the survival of others and let alone finding an option to do that optimaly is difficult.

Talking about this makes me wonder why I practiced shikentaza as well as do-nothing and how people misconstru ideas, as well as use them for their personal benefit. I definitely do see this bias especially in dating. That being asian in that sense is an advantage and I dislike

I lived in China the point is being exposed to different forms of racism and then seeing it reflected in the news threatening my survival chance. If people who receive major benefits, do not care about helping the smaller holon, if you might even say so in the LL/UL. Exposing myself to politics is like a double-edged sword, because when you can see even the mistakes in the progressives then where can I go ? I love to integrate and include myself into cultures, spheres etc. Currently doing that via MoocLab the point is I see this bias so strongly in relationships and it is not me alone, becasue I was majorly depressed because again of racism and discrimination. As I receive therapy for that, because of how important it is to have a strong sense of self, that being constantly attacked by the media and news. As well as the advanced people not doing enough and self-hatred. This constant construciton of projection usually does not benfit me if people do not take a proactive positive stand and see the good and the beauty in others. Being alone in this and seeing especially in EU the peeved masses, because of massive pressure. It’s important to find groups, I personally struggle with this because I love mostly all people so strongly then hearing and contemplating about evils and seeing that this again is a reflection of love and truth in an ultimate sense. I also would appreciate it if people can help me unveil my bias. Because I receive a lot more negative projection then most other people based on appearance. Being tall / dark skin and having afro hair.

For instance I looked at the picture above and the youth had a poster people of color, accepting that we are all people of color and having a proper pluralism, especially for the u.s when I listen to the news would personally benefit me a lot. As well as others when I notice these harmonics.

I would love to gain new experience, yet you see the problem I have is access and having to navigate this in the interactive world as well as seeing it as it is with sort realism. Shows me how much of an advantage Whites and Asians have in the west because of positive bias. I would prefer dating outside my own “race”, because I dislike the topic itself as well as it’s more about values/education etc.

Then again can you see what I mean with bias ? I don’t know how often I see in the eu that when you are asian you have an massive advantage when it comes to friends etc. Being mostly the only black person not creating a positive mindset or being thankful for support from others is massively important. Then again you can see how priviliged others are based on how positive sterotypes, create better survival circumstances for them. As well as how important it is for me to read books and be with people who are fully supportive of love for all people. I just don’t like this hypocritical liberal stance of for instance here in the eu. We are green we supprot the climate and people of color, yet then it’s mostly the workers and sort of “randoms” who help them and inside the party itself. There is a very strong bias towards whites, you can argue XYZ. The point is I currently do not have access and working towards different things to have more access towards having an impact in that way, even if it is just representing myself and yes I dislike seeing these survival based relationships and not a stage 3 relationships and mostly stage 2 relationships, because that does not serve as a role model for everyone. Yet, some like it and that is fine, yet seeing this stage orange falseness is what corrodes also, the abillity for two people to really bring in love as well as how difficult that is. Based on how the world really is and not thinking about how the world should be, would leave our noosphere stuck, seeing how rigid stage orange is as well as how important it is to receive support here as a person of color and or bi-racial is important. This is where I feel social justice is lacking, if I would have legit have had whites in my classes, who were not only out for the funnsies and were a bit more “conservative” in that sense I would not have to go through so much lonilness and self-actualization, because people are simply not interested in that. Stage orange survival is in that sense quiet hardcore, because it feels like a fight and that is already not a very good mindset, being a creator and working towards creating with others is what stage orange is about no ? Regardless if it is in science and or smth. else, then receiving help and support is crucial.

I am very emotional so I can work with my emotions because I really do care and love for other people, yet till now I did not find a place to have an impact and being in my vision/working in my vision having an impact let alone as a role model. A holon as a person walking on this planet earth is very important for me. Steadily talking like an academic about these issues without showing the positive side of things is yes, I agree ten billion times with you on this, yet seeing this progress evolve so slowly, makes me more wary about my own survival. Because I was not aware of it to that degree before how lonely that road is in the end when I definitely long for and will be making an impact.

The thing is the same thing that happens in the u.s happens here, and nobody is talking about it when I then talk about it for instance with this “Franktown” incident that I heard in the washpost this morning, then. Having a partner and finding a partner when working towards a goal for emotional support based on my personal circumstances with almost no peer group is harsh. Then this sadness to not express it and feel healthy and positive about it and deconstruct every theory, instead of positivley constructing a new noosphers is what is mainly missing. Reflecting reality is old, yet this is I presume the basis we can work on. It would be nice if white people would legit date and interact more with people of color on the own accord, as well as asian people. Instead of only caring about their survival and family. Especially as a group.

If it is only about being right and not sharing viewpoints that are more advanced and recognizing that we are stuck in aperspectival madness.

To support people for instance for a more equal outcome in the sense of giving people access to education and tools for growth would disambiguate bias a lot. Then again science is even biased, there are so many think tanks. Let alone here in Germany were you legit sort of have Nazi Scientist in the AFD. Feels like a hardcore major amygdala hijack, western society is more fair, the question then again is what can you do ? Interacting more with people of color and seeing their needs as well as opinions heard would help also whites on more clarity to take action and it’s their choice ! Growing through all of these stages is fair, helping people to grow through the stages would make it even fairer.

The word critical is most likely already a problem because it sounds antagonistc and not like an idealization, of how we can improave as an feedback. The feedback is so obvious to me, yet the counter intutive approach is it for me to engage, because otherwise people can’t belive it or so it seems to me. Then again for me having positive experiences it’s very important as well as interacting with others in a conscious way, without a lot of cursing and or hatred and focusing on being/meditation/mindfulness while consuming theory. Is for me important as an integral member, the point is I am not a bodhisathva and playing advocatus diaboli is a bias that I have, yet then again not expressing what I see for instance with dating let alone with the standards of beauty. Looking at it from a womens perspective for e.g black women etc. It’s not easy. Black lives , White people, how neutral this sounds I mean I can see this bias so obviously based on my language as well as I know why the e.u generally is ahead socially. According to sprial dynamcics. They value equality and the engage in discussion NOT debates !!! About experience debates are like a war that is fought and it will produce more antagonistic thought then taking postive action if it is local and or global.

For me to take action I’d also need a platform a group and skill in that domain as well as the abillity to gain experience. Seeing myself underrepresented based on historical evidence as well as the bias for instance in dating, or even alone positive role modles is not easy. I am speaking from my bias here, yet I can see why I disliked academics so much. They are so entrenched in their theory, they can’t see the forst full of tress, that is why I like to go out into nature. I am not in a position to advance the noosphere in that sense I can relay my experience as well as focus on what I perceive what is wrong, because I am good at that as ennea 4.

I dislike seeing the dating bias as well, I mean I don’t know how young the audience is yet when I look at porn and how much sex seemed to be a part of integral in the past, you can see tons of bias in the youth as well as parents still being entreched in their religous dogma, talking about sex and healthy relationships. Like the courses here with people who are conscious and have a lot of experience and having a holistic approach would be better then to constantly escape into noosphere or LR/LL thinking. LR thinking would even be more approriate instead of constantly discussing one quadrant or legit to dive into zones more deeply. I as a German person have a bias to deconstruct, that is what we do here according to a book I’ve read then reading the american inductive approach I can sort of see this innocence. I mean my mother was married to a american and she still holds as well as me, the notion that you guys are “not the smartest” and alot trust me a lot of Germans think that. They don’t like especially since Trump what is happening over there, because we are basically living in America constantly.

I for now know how important science is, yet I dislike it that I received a lot of LL attacks on my endeavours to be more scientific. Let alone in this sort of unsupervisied learning experience. This is what I mean also with being a lone wolf, as well as integrating myself into different communities online. It’s important to not only be in integral. That is my opinion.

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