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I’m wondering:

  1. What is the integral ‘take’ on the WEF, and its stated purpose of everyone, except the super wealthy (of course), “owning nothing, and being[ing] happy” by 2030?
  2. What is the integral view for a world government and leadership that it would promote in contrast to the WEF view (which seems to be a purely materialistic, and anti-spiritual view)?
  3. How can we counter the WEF view?


We embrace, we enfold the Great Reset.


You choose universal serfdom under the neo-feudalism that WEF is proposing?
I don’t.


Freedom is an illusion. Think more Transcendent.


Yes it is. But most people on the planet are not awake (note: I don’t mean ‘woke’), and we need to be involved in the world - the relative and absolute are one and the same.


I don’t know what you are referring to. Can you explain more about the WEF?


Klaus Schwab’s WEF (World Economic Forum) has been prepping world leaders for the last 30+years through its young world leaders programs. Leaders such as Macron in France, Arden in New Zealand, Trudeau in Canada, Merkel in Germany have all been through the WEF young leaders indoctrination program, and many governmental bureaucrats have also been through the program, as have many other young people seeking leadership roles in worldwide communities.

WEF is the initiator of the ‘Great Reset’, and the, so-called, 4th Industrial Revolution.

It seems to me that the proposed WEF ‘Great Reset’ involves a regression to a materialistic version of red/amber, and not a progression to teal/turquoise.

Not to mention the Digital IDs being put in place worldwide by various governments, including the one proposed by Microsoft in their world and U.S. patent applications, which will allow control over every aspect of human life, including what you must and must not do, how you get and spend your central bank cryptocurrency, who you will be allowed to visit, where you will be allowed to go, etc , etc .

I’d much rather see an Integral ‘Great Reset’, that allows us all to keep our freedoms and to live life to the full as we choose to live it, not to be controlled by an elite of the super wealthy (thus neo-fuedalism) in every aspect of our lives.


Money is also an illusion you do not need. Transcend and send all your money to me and free yourself from the worldly chains of money.


I’ll take a stab at this. While I was joking in my post above, it really does come down to not valuing monetary possessions and not selling ourselves into consumer debt slavery for things that we don’t actually need.
The bottom line is to work less, enjoy more of life and spend less on things you don’t really need. Expand your own spiritual and intellectual capabilities instead of expanding our waistline. Do more activities that don’t require $3,000 worth of equipment that you only use a few times a year anyway, or use as a laundry rack.
Also, go ahead and screw the banks. Use their own laws and rules against them. For example, about 6 years ago I just decided I wasn’t going to pay my Credit card debt. Yes, my credit score tanked for about 5 years and I only had one credit card with a 2,000 limit. It was also a bit difficult to rent an apartment with a low credit score, but not impossible. I found a cheap place with weeds overgrown and literally cracks allowing mice and roaches in. $100 of expanding foam solved the cracks problem, but I keep the weeds overgrown so the landlord doesn’t drive by and say “Gee, that’s a nice place I got I should raise the rent.” Nah, I’m slumming it but have a 3 bedroom house in Hawaii for $1.600 / mo.

You can lower the property values in the area by spray painting gang Grafitti everywhere, lol. That’s if you are serious about countering the WEF.

I made up a quote several years ago “A slave cannot escape bondage by following the master’s rules.” So, either you have a slave’s mindset and follow the rules and stay in slavery - or you reject the masters’ rules and do whatever you can to free yourself. It’s up to each person to decide for themselves.

I calculated that I’d have to work 20 hours a week for 10 years to pay off my Credit card debt - and that would place me into an income bracket where I would then have to pay off 100% my student loans, so I’d have to work an extra 10 hours for that. Instead, I just worked fewer hours and brought my income down and lived in a cheaper place and all the rest.
You want to know the craziest thing? After 7 years my credit score is now “Good” and I can do the same thing again if I want. Capitalism is absolutely crazy.


If the WEF has its way, there won’t be any credit cards, just digital cryptocurrency and a digital ID system (perhaps injected under your skin, as already in use in Sweden), which will be used to control everything that you do (perhaps using Microsoft’s ‘cryptocurrency system using body activity data’); how much cryptocurrency you will get; where you’ll be able to spend it, and on what; where you’ll be allowed to go; who you’ll be allowed to visit; etc. etc. Would that be freedom?
What I’m looking for is an integral alternative that doesn’t seek to control anybody’s life, but simply enhance it - i.e. make the world a better place for all, not the chosen super-wealthy few.
I was actually hoping that Corey and/or Ken might provide some sort of input to my initial question.


Here’s our US plan.


What a hot potato. Well recently Robb Smith posted a arcticle for a magazine that is from young leaders of the WEF. Sadly the elitism of IC fits perfectly with the elitism of the WEF. Go figure? Wonder why?


Try these links, and see what you think!

Dr. Yuval Hoah Harasi, starting at, ~3:40mins in, seems to be denying that the left-hand quadrants exist - is this in line with the integral perspective? I don’t think so!

Microsoft patent applications (U.S. & world, see diagram below for how it works), for digital control of human beings = robots!?!?

I really do believe that the integral community should have a different approach from the one that the WEF is pushing on the world. One that actually points us towards a progressive teal/turquoise approach rather the regressive red/amber totalitarian spirituality-denying approach proposed by the WEF.

Whilst I do think that some form of transhumanism seem to be inevitable, that doesn’t mean it has to include total control over everything that we do. However, if it does come to be, it would be virtually impossible to stop humans from being ‘hacked’, as mentioned in the video above - so probably better that it never happens in the first place


Only if you “plug in”, and remain “plugged in” to the fake economy. There are a lot of movements out there to circumvent this economy. The first thing is to realize that 90% of what is being sold to you are things you do not need. The second thing is to find alternatives for what you actually need in face to face exchanges.


As long as the digital ID can be avoided, that is. This may not be possible, of course!

And I agree that we need to start building communities that will support one another in what seems to be coming.

As I said earlier: what I’m looking for is to see if there is an integral alternative in place that we could use to bypass the WEF anti-spiritual/anti-integral version.

I agree that some of the young world leaders that have come through the WEF indoctrination program may be sincere in their quest for the 4th industrial revolution and great reset, and really believe that it may work. However, maybe they don’t realise the full impact of their actions on humanity. And if the integral community generally supports the WEF, then I’d have to really think about whether they have considered the full consequences of a full WEF rollout, too.


I don’t have any specific views on the whole “Great Reset” issue as it is currently formulated (I assume that is what you are talking about here?) because I have not yet been able to properly steel-man the argument. It’s all too easy to be a reactionary when it comes to things like these (and yes, sometimes a “reactionary” response can be an appropriate response! But only if you really know what it is you are reacting to first.)

But from what I have seen, I agree that it appears in many ways to be anti-growth, in both an interior and exterior sense.

Now, when it comes to exteriors, I am personally okay with shifting away from our current “all growth, all the time” corporate mentality, which places far, far greater value on short-term gains than on long-term sustainability. Mostly because this sort of malignant growth in the exteriors often leads to diminished growth in our interiors, due to any number of unequal opportunities (and yes, unequal outcomes) that massive wealth inequality produces around the world. (This is one of the reasons why depression and suicide rates are so high in American men, I believe — because of our cultural and economic overemphasis on a man’s “extrinsic value”, way above and beyond their “intrinsic value”.)

That said, I also think it’s important that we begin to shift our economic paradigms away from the “zombie neoliberalism” of our current era. As I wrote in another thread, much of this paradigm (as well as most of our notions of “individualism”) originated in a now-obsolete view of the world as an open system with nearly infinite resources to extract and exploit. And I do very much think we need a new “reset” — a new form of collective coordination and cooperation — that can hopefully produce a global economic system that is better suited for today’s life conditions, and to our far-more accurate understanding of our world as precious, finite, and worth protecting from our own worst excesses. As I said in that thread:

“If we can figure that out — how to both empower the individual, while encouraging more sustainable self-organization on a massive scale, in order to bring the greatest depth to the greatest scale — we will have unlocked some critical wisdom for future generations.”

To me, this means creating an economic system that works for all people (equal opportunities), both in terms of their interior wellbeing and their exterior capacity to support themselves. This is the sort of “growth economy” I want to see — a system that can truly deliver the “most depth to the most span”, recognizing the critical interrelationships between quadrants – such as the well-known fact that rampant exterior poverty creates impoverished minds and communities. I want a system that rewards the creativity and innovation and skill of the individual, but also provides security for the lowest rungs of Maslow’s needs hierarchy for as many human beings as possible, so that everyone has a genuinely equal opportunity to grow, to thrive, and to self-actualize. I’d even go so far as to say that I want an economic system that recognizes rights beyond the human sphere — the right for water to be clean of microplastics, the right for animals to exist without needless cruelty and with enough biodiversity to sustain them, the right for rainforests and oceans to continue generating oxygen for the rest of us.

What I want, basically, is a return to the crusty old notion of “the American way”, up-leveled and expanded to the globe. Not in an imperialistic sense — but in the spirit of “individual volunteerism” where we can recognize that our right to exist as individuals is inseparable from our connections and responsibilities to each other, and to our commitment to keeping our planet habitable.

But of course, that “individual volunteerism” is itself a product of growth and development, which means that I want a global economic system that can create the right conditions for THAT kind of growth, alongside exterior gains.

So basically, I want Starfleet :slight_smile: All this would be so much easier to figure out, if one of you can just figure out how to build a matter replicator.

Of course, the other side of all this is that economies often emerge organically, and many attempts to steer that economy in a new direction often come with a never-ending tail of unintended consequences. But not always. I’m a big fan of the New Deal, for example, which was a much-needed economic recalibration after laissez faire economics went into the ditch with the Great Depression.

So it appears that I agree with many of the questions that they are asking at the WEF, even if I disagree with their proposed solutions, at least as I understand them. But I will keep educating myself about this, because when it comes to issues like this, the strawmen tend to outnumber the steelmen by something like a 100:1 ratio :wink:

Either way, it’s clear to me that we are almost certainly at another one of those transition points — the disruption era that is always sandwiched between the old paradigm and the new. And these things certainly do seem to come in cycles, at least in the modern world. New Deal/Keynsean economics replaced laissez-faire economics, and was then subsequently replaced by neoliberal economics. This is the natural ebb and flow of history, weaving from individual-based approaches to cooperative-based approaches. And each eventually stalls out as its successes become excesses decades later. And we seem to exist right now at the nexus between yesterday’s excesses, and tomorrow’s successes.


Also, I am suspicious of the idea of hanging an entire global economy on digital crypto technologies that a) are already having a very negative environmental impact, and b) can be immediately wiped out with a single mass corona event from our sun, which I understand is way overdue :slight_smile:

We actually missed one of those back in 2012, by only 9 freaking days! It’s estimated that the economic impact would have been worse than the 10 worst natural disasters in American history, combined.


It seems the “Integral” method is to talk more about grand what if global scale projects, without seeing any need to connect where we are now to these “it would be great if” concepts.

Look, people - if you don’t build it then it isn’t going to get built. That means building it for yourself first, then your family, then your community, and only then will it get built for a city, state or country. If you can’t yourself handle the pain of unplugging from the network of control, there is no way it’s conceivable that major stakeholders in these networks of control will do it for you.

Economic Growth will always lead to an “adjustment”. Our planet is basically an island, and Island cultures learned long ago that if you just keep building stuff you end up like Easter Island. The only way for a civilization to live on an Island - or planet - is to be content with zero growth at some point.
As our system tries to alter mathematic and economic realities to prevent natural adjustments, there will be more and more little “surprises” happening more and more severely and more frequently.

The only way to mitigate the pain you experience is to get ahead of the game and disconnect yourself from being reliant on the power structures bit by bit to the degree possible.


Here is the link Robb used


A very good example of classic “Expertocracy” that the WEF wants to give us.