World War One and the evolution of integral thinking

Thank you Mr. Ken Wilber for the remarkable A Brief History of Everything.
I am an (enthusiastic amateur) historian working on a book about WWI and changes that emerged from that enormous conflict. For example, chapters on metallurgy, sociology, manufacturing, literature, government structure, painting and the cinema have progressed.

Practically, I think the quote below sums up a plausible integral overview of the war noting the key personalities, industrial realities and the Ideology of the Offensive that gripped so many militaries.

the power of industrialize joined with the accomplishments of empirical science to select for a world where its alone are real. Everything else stems from that selection. All of those other problems stem from that problem. (P. 242)

I’m keen to understand how the Great War may have influenced the development of integral thinking. Any guidance greatly appreciated!

Best regards,