You guys (integral theory people)

…ignore the fact there’s an Expert/Technician stage.$2714+97p$5B1$5D.pdf

ADHD - for me, not Boygenius’ issue in my assumption-is an issue around stage expert/technician.

It’s cos I have an OLDER BROTHER - Alex Douglas-Mann - 2 years older. He always did EVERYTHING for me

Reason MOD ppl not just men actually mad with me was because I talked too much alllll the time I guess. I think the reason BIG REASON I went into data Analyst role was BECAUSE I’ve shadow I had to deal lol with. I saw it as THE biggest bestest. Didn’t gel well with me when everyone wasn’t impressed

I remember being SO friggin rigid once I started at MOD cos I was trying so hard to not make any errors. People saw me as nerd, even outside of work…

I was seen as a nerd at work, but not at homeworking. I am PAINSTAKING with all my work to ensure no error. And I automate as far as possible by coding the systems in R.