Your Digital Life

Listening to an older Inhabit I realized I had picked up an applicable hack from an article about neo-liberalism by Ece Temelkuran (ThoughtEconomics) recently. Specifically around 34 minutes into Oct 28th episode, Your Digital Life- Corey explains his method to engage a conversation via email or digitally thru social media. Asking seriously ‘would I say this if this person was looking me in the eye’ before sending the text. Ece Temelkuan wonders if there hormone that humans can only produce when they are face to face. A hormone of shame. Absent this we become worse then we are. Its super simple to pretend or visualize who you are communicating with- and take the edge off any “otherization” hidden in your communication. I’m not sure how you protect or get the reciprocal of that procedure. Btw this is a rock solid discussion of neoliberalism and how it toppled the democracy in Turkey.