Alternate Noosphere/Higher Level - Tangerine?


Teal-elians would claim teaching anti-racist racism, gender abuse, sexualism is making the world more inclusive.
Tangerine-arians would claim teaching history, both bad and good, then moving to reading, writing, mathematics, science, music, arts, athletics will create the most inclusive, transformative, progressive, healthy, well educates, thoughtful citizens for our society.

Both might be cast as Integral with perhaps one being a higher altitude unhealthy ideology and the other a lower level healthier altitude.


Why do you disempower yourself by looking to others to find solutions for your problems?

Forget about “Teal-elians”. If your community is fucked in your opinion, it’s up to YOU to fix it.
God sure as heck isn’t going to do the work for you.
I have yet to see any idea from you that actually presents any kind of solution.

You understand that criticism and constant bellyaching and whinging isn’t a workable plan, right?