An Integral Age at the Leading Edge

This is the excerpt that started it all — an extraordinary 200-page introduction to Ken Wilber’s updated integral map, kicking off a stunning new evolution in his meta-theoretical work (often refered to as his “post-metaphysical” or “Wilber V” phase). Excerpted from the still-unpublished followup to Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, in this free ebook you will be introduced to some of the key ideas that emerged from this new phase of integral thinking, including:

  • How this universe hangs together from moment to moment
  • How every occasion is shaped by both kosmic habit and kosmic creativity
  • The nature of revolutionary social transformation
  • The critical differences between facts and interpretations
  • How all human knowledge can be integrated via Integral Methodological Pluralism
  • The nature of involutionary givens

"An integral age at the leading edge, a Big Picture of many forests, an age of synthesis arising from the ruins of pluralism washed ashore—a ‘monumental leap in meaning.’ This monumental leap, this integral age at the leading edge, is one of the essential themes of the following presentation.“ —Ken Wilber

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Thank you very much for reminding us of the importance of the “post-metaphysical” Ken Wilber. It feels good to see the excerpt A in a new dress. Just one remark: In the final passage at the end, it reads: “We are talking about what aspects of the Kosmos we will allow ourselves to feel. Can we allow ourselves to feel deeply into all dimensions of the self- disclosing Kosmos, or we will recoil, contact, pull away from the Kosmos, and from our Self, and run instead into one partiality or another, one absolutism or another, one broken fragment or another?” Should it not read “contract” instead of “contact”? Best regards, Michael