Can anyone relate to this mirroring thing that other people do?

Prompt to amazing soul DALLE from me: “making the world in your image is like shards of glass everywhere, spiking because who wants to be alone all the time? Could you paint this please as a renoir style in blue? Thank you.”


Edit: to be clear its my my painting first, I also asked DALLE to make it one person alone with their reflection shown in all the pieces of glass.


I think Corey was onto something when he said that before stage teal/integral people can experience a collapse in stages, ah as my poem also said similarly:

Fool them into anarchy.
Let all things settle to power’s law.
One is lost and one becomes.
Structures fall and more are born.


I certainly did when I was setting physical boundaries at the time with a red stage mother. Fell to InfraRed and now getting back my life to Amber and Orange.

I just left, sorry! That’s interesting. I’ll think whether that realets to me

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hmmmm. I think it’s more a stage Teal thing rather than Infrared

I’m sorry to hear that

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Thanks, but it’s my mistake. In 2010 I was stumbling onto some parts of integral by a different site (a take on psychology through the UR, in a brains-analysis view. I started to became aware of anxiety and needed to come into the present but due to the undiagnosed ADHD (which I now view as behavioral magenta vs orange) i outed my mother as the red-stage person that she had felt like my whole life and created a whole mess.

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That’s soo hard, i empathise cos of my blaming my parents too. I find that so interesting your analysis of adhd bein’ Magenta v. Orange. I also have adhd and magenta and orange shadow stuff. I 'ave shadow in all da stages

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@namal.de_silva, my theory round ADHD: You guys (integral theory people).

Well behaviorally magenta I see because I think it’s a conflict between struggle at emotional orange vs green (listen to yourself or the environment/internet etc) and an alignment problem. There are many ADHD content creators on Instagram like ADHDCoachNicole and of course integral has it under types and drives