Disinformation Era Ending - Twitter to Open Source its Algorithms


Twitter is viewed by many as the foundational “public commons” today, used by individuals, organizations and classic media to get their messages out.

With Big Tech having overtly controlled our public commons to support specific agendas, will Twitter taking on a decidedly Free Speech stance create a more Integral, more Inclusive, more Transformational enabling conveyor belt for humanity?

Seemingly Musk will Open Source any and all censoring, massaging and monetization algorithms that Twitter will be using in the future.

Or is restructuring our concept of Free Speech being controlled by a behind-the-scenes elite more Integral than supporting humanities messy communications?


Musk, a prolific Twitter user, has said it needs to be taken private to grow and become a genuine platform for free speech.

Anyone who believes this is pretty stupid, to be honest.
Elon is saying that one man who is not required to file any public financials is more trustworthy than several people on a board who are forced to file all financials publicly?

Now, about that Algorithm nonsense - that is just to get people excited who know absolutely nothing about technology and conflate Youtube / Google / Facebook with Twitter. Essentially, what twitter’s algorithm does is already published publicly here:

Publicly releasing the actual code will do absolutely nothing - techies can already replicate it. It’s nowhere near as complex as Google’s search engine algorithm, or as invasive as facebook’s cookies and trying to map out everything you’ve ever don your entire life and match it to your facial recognition. All that data is secret and nothing to do with twitter, lol.

Elon Musk is saying he will do something that doesn’t matter (making algorithm public), and then saying something that doesn’t make sense (a private company with one owner will make it a better platform for free speech)


So irrelevant to Integral Development and Disinformation or perhaps even worse?

How do you see this influencing downstream into FB, MSNBC. CNN. NYT, WaPo, Fox, et al?


The man is well known for hyping things up and just saying stuff to make money off of getting everyone excited. Dogecoin and the whole Robin Hood thing last year are two examples.
It’s simple misdirection - hang a banana out for the monkeys to grab and they don’t notice the poacher slipping the nose around their necks.
He is saying that a single man running the company and making the company private will be more transparent, but that is simply nonsense.

Why would it influence FB, MSNBC. CNN. NYT, WaPo, Fox et al in any way? Is he buying those companies as well? I’m not understanding how this will influence them.


Little more than a hypester, an Extractive Capitalist, essentially a parasite…




Well, Tesla and Paypal are useful, but yeah
Space X is for billionaires only. Each launch costs 67 million, so doing the math nobody will be able to afford it except maybe the richest 10,000 people on the planet.

Star Link - we will see. Still in the promises phase and I don’t see it as different than any other satellite service tbh. They have launched 2,000 satellites at a cost of about 67 million each - so doing the math that is a hell of a lot of internet subscriptions before they even break even. The monthly service is $110 now, and you have to pay $600 for the equipment. Elon Musk promised to have worldwide availability by 2022, but here is is 2022 and it’s not available in my area, lol.

This seems to be common with Elon Musk’s promises.


And apparently I can already get satellite internet on my street, so I don’t know what the big deal is with Starlink. Wait one year or longer for the exact same thing?


Another funny thing about Paypal - ebay bought it in 2002 for 1.5 billion and it is now worth 76 billion.
It looks like either Elon Musk completely got screwed over by selling for such a low price, or what paypal is valued at today had very little to do with Elon Musk.


Agreement reached.

Is it good for the world to have a Free Speech Absolutist running Western Civilization’s Public Commons Platform?

And will our Paladin of Free Speech take Facebook out of the censorship business as well?


You mean you are hoping Elon Musk will be a fair and just Tyrant King of the Metaverse?


Biden/Harris ramping up staffing for probes.

The Jan 6th Inquisition has really opened up investigative opportunities.


What does this have to do with Twitter?

Or are you just trying to hide from yourself that your President is being fined $10,000 a day and he probably considers that to be a good deal to avoid spending his last days in the same fate as his long-time buddy and fellow con man Epstein?

Your man Trump had 4 years to ramp up investigations, but he was to busy stuffing his face with Big Macs and wiping the “secret sauce” off his face and hiding from his own crimes to actually do anything competent, lol. What a complete ad absolute incompetent dummy to have 4 years to launch investigations and not do it, lmao.

You understand Biden isn’t running in 2022, don’t you? Yeah - Investigate away at Biden in 2022, lol. It’s about as useful as investigating Hillary or Obama for Benghazi…


I’d just thought it would be fun to point out and share a sample of the comments of the people who share your world view, lol.
You really think nothing will go wrong with brains this damaged as your neighbors? lol


Right turns on Musk for making them look bad!


Hahaha. Funny how Conservatives have absolutely no ideology to anchor them now.
Their champion of the day is a self described socialist and socially liberal.
He favors a 40% consumption tax, which interestingly enough I find a great idea.
He donated 100 k to Obama and 5 K to Marco Rubio.
He was completely against Trumps withdrawal from the Paris agreement and he publicly supported Andrew Yang for president in 2020 as well as Kanye West, lol.
He’s strongly in favor of a carbon tax on companies as a way to tax companies that are causing climate change.

I just find it hilarious how completely uninformed the Right is when they throw their support behind someone and call them “conservatives”, lol - then how you just swallow whatever they put out there hook, line and sinker.
It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t want to run for President. He’d kick Trump’s butt and have the Right convinced they are “owning the libs” when they vote for his social justice platform. lmao


Free Speech would appear to be the ideological topic at hand.


In my view, this is why the GOP didn’t bother to write a party platform for 2020, and presumably will not for future elections. Also why they just withdrew from the presidential debate platform. It’s pure political nihilism, as far as I can tell, anchored largely in overall antagonism toward the left, and facilitated by the total balkanization of our media institutions. I am guessing it is a way of preventing the moderate vs. extremist conflict in their own party from spilling over into the public discourse, particularly their own preferred media streams.

As Jonathan Haidt says,

The wave of threats delivered to dissenting Republican members of Congress has similarly pushed many of the remaining moderates to quit or go silent, giving us a party ever more divorced from the conservative tradition, constitutional responsibility, and reality. We now have a Republican Party that describes a violent assault on the U.S. Capitol as “legitimate political discourse,” supported—or at least not contradicted—by an array of right-wing think tanks and media organizations.

The stupidity on the right is most visible in the many conspiracy theories spreading across right-wing media and now into Congress. “Pizzagate,” QAnon, the belief that vaccines contain microchips, the conviction that Donald Trump won reelection—it’s hard to imagine any of these ideas or belief systems reaching the levels that they have without Facebook and Twitter.

The Democrats have also been hit hard by structural stupidity, though in a different way. In the Democratic Party, the struggle between the progressive wing and the more moderate factions is open and ongoing, and often the moderates win. The problem is that the left controls the commanding heights of the culture: universities, news organizations, Hollywood, art museums, advertising, much of Silicon Valley, and the teachers’ unions and teaching colleges that shape K–12 education. And in many of those institutions, dissent has been stifled: When everyone was issued a dart gun in the early 2010s, many left-leaning institutions began shooting themselves in the brain. And unfortunately, those were the brains that inform, instruct, and entertain most of the country.

I think this is about as fair and accurate assessment as we can hope for, and resonates with my overall perception that, as broken as the left has become in terms of culture in the LL, as a social holon in the LR they are far less compromised by extremism than the right, and therefore continue to elect far more moderates. As we saw in 2020 in the race between Biden and Bernie.


Do you really not understand the GOP ideology and platform for 2022?

It would seemingly be impossible to “enfold” the as you have defined the Amber/Orange altitudes without at least understanding their concerns, desires, and goals.


I’m talking about social holons here, not individual holons. Parties, not voters. And I agree with Haidt that “structural stupidity” has infected and compromised the GOP social holon more than it has the DNC social holon, “giving us a party ever more divorced from the conservative tradition, constitutional responsibility, and reality.”

I think the “platform” is Rorschachean by design. I believe that you think you have a very clear view of the party platform, based on your own informational terrain, and I believe that other segments of the GOP think they have their own clear views of the platform, based on their informational terrain. And I think if both segments were in the same room, they would accuse each other of “not being a true conservative”.

And again, I think this is by design, thus the decision to abandon platforms and national debates altogether.


There’s a lot more that’s deeper, there.

Last night I was listening to a lecture that briefly outlined Eric Ericson’s developmental stages, and the concept of “isolation vs intimacy” really rings true with the divide between who is and is not susceptible to manipulation by the media and / or an extremist group.

So many people over 40 are stuck and unable to develop past isolation that they should have worked out during early adulthood, but did not.
The failure of America was the failure to form intimacy in communities outside of the nuclear family, and when the nuclear family fractured, Americans lost even that limited expression of intimacy. In 2020 people either hunger to find a single intimate partner to put 100% of their intimacy into (which is also the definition of codependency), and / or they are susceptible to programming from some whacko group that gives them some kind of rebellious cohesion with others.
I find this links in well with a lack of knowing the self - Identity vs confusion, which people should have learned by age 21. What is striking is that this lack of knowing what they believe in, and a complete obsession with being against whatever another group is.
We see this time and again in discussions with @FermentedAgave where he is completely lacking in being able to express what his “identity” is politically, and we only get that he doesn’t like random people he believes to be liberal for random reasons. Without this developmental stage being reached, it’s no surprise that he is struggling with finding commonality with members in the Integral Life Community.
That example is played out with tens of millions of people, who never really learned who they are and what they stand for.
Then, as a social or political group, you get what we see where people joint together to be “against” something or someone and just never ask each other what they believe except they are against those things.