Disinformation Era Ending - Twitter to Open Source its Algorithms


Do you feel it is a personal attack?
I’d be interested your explanation for your behaviors if you care to share them.


Elon is being very gentle. Or has Elon Musk joined the QAnon movement? Is Elon Musk Q?



How to architect a Disinformation Narrative.

And then enforce it… that is until SCOTUS spends a good solid 60 seconds dropping the gavel. DNC majority government is taking its playback straight from a dicatorship. Shockingly regressive, but let’s look for the humor in the delusions of grandeur.


5 of Clinton’s team plead the 5th as Hilarys communications on “Russian collusion” are subpoenaed.
Nice possible segway to gaslighting discussion - Big Lie, Conspiracy Theories, Qanon, Election Tampering, etc…