Information Warfare Education, Propaganda, and How to Tell the Difference



Nope, not a non sequitur at all. You made a comment, I responded directly to it. Let’s review, shall we?

I said:

Such as this statement: sitting presidents are not allowed to declare themselves winners of national elections, unless they have very strong evidence that survives judicial scrutiny. “Believing” you won an election is not enough to justify throwing the Constitution into the shredder. No amount of “executive privilege” can justify the attempt to overthrow our elections.

You said:

This is why I asked for your understanding on who writes election laws? But do you deflect with answer “Orangeman Bad” rationalization. Or perhaps you don’t know beyond the narrative. I don’t know.

So I said:

States conduct their own elections according to federal law, and the federal government assures that all states are in fact following federal election laws.

The fake elector scheme may have violated the following federal laws:

See how the conversation flowed from A to B to C? You asked me who writes election rules, I responded by saying “states write their own election laws, but the federal government ensures they are all following federal law.” Then I pointed out the possible violations of federal law, as well as the specific allegations being made in one of the states.

A -> B -> C


Your answer was hardly complete. State Legislatures are responsible for writing their respective State Election Laws. When Election Commissions or Individual Precincts - the Administrators of the Election Laws rewrite the Election Laws, technically it is a violation of both State and Federal Election Laws.
You left that part out.

Did you have any thoughts on Unitary Executive and Executive Privilege?


I see you concede that my statement was, in fact, not a non sequitur.

Yes, I am not writing an entire legal treatise here. My response was fundamentally correct, and I am failing to see what point you are trying to make. Why don’t you just make it outright, instead of interrogating and triangulating? You could say something like, “I believe executive privilege gives a President the right to declare himself winner of national elections despite official vote counts” and we could go from there.


I’d say that is an inaccurate assessment of my political views and values. An attempt to make me an absolutist, even after demonstrating a healthy balance of individual-focused goals and collective-focused goals.

I’d say our fundamental difference is that you seem animated predominantly by “grievance politics”, whereas my goal is to reduce the most amount of suffering for the most amount of people and create a more inclusive and integral approach to law, justice, and governance, so that we as individuals can self-organize in more healthy ways. Sometimes that requires individual-based solutions from the left and/or right, sometimes that requires collective-based solutions from the left and/or right. Sometimes the emphasis should be placed on interior values, sometimes the emphasis should be placed on exterior conditions. Welcome to the Integral Map!

Leftist’s feel that choices and complexity of a market economy equate to inefficiency and anxiety. Meanwhile those on the Right see government mandated and managed programs as inefficient and rife with corruption, always taking on a bureaucratic defensive, self expansive, mission expanding life of their own.

Hey, look, everyone is right (though your description of the left is a bit lacking, purposely so I imagine).

But I don’t doubt that you might be the most balanced, most both/and of your political group.

Thanks! Though I have a sneaking suspicion this is not intended as a genuine compliment.

And you question why I doubt your sincerity… :wink:


No, I am openly liberal and closeted conservative - but I know this and don’t hide it from myself.

In other words, I am not beholden to one side or the other.

Oh, and also Trumpism has nothing at all whatsoever to do with actual Conservativism. 90% of Trump Supporters are just Regan Democrat Baby Boomers and GenXers who are unable to handle the information age and are like rats in a sinking cage - they bite at whatever is put in front of them, even each other.


I will answer this briefly.
Congress is responsible for legislation. The President can ratify and if he doesn’t congress can try to pass the law with 2/3 majority vote otherwise it is not law. SImple answer is Congress is responsible for legislation
Unitary Executive - I’m not sure what you are asking? It’s a theory. Are you asking for a history lesson or an opinion on the theory in general, or a specific application. I could not answer the question myself because I am not clear what the question is.
Executive privilege - same answer as Unitary Executive


@FermentedAgave It’s like if I ask you: Can I get your understanding of:

  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Parliamentary Monarchy
  • Democratic Monarchy

When I could also just quite simply go to this link for an understanding rather than asking you to type it up:


Incomplete and you answer what you want, in order to “win” - to make your point. It’s not “dialog”, but if it works for you then do more of it.


Appreciate the effort but definitely non sequitur. :wink:

Thanks for playing.

Short answer is that State Legislatures create each State’s Election laws (processes and procedures) on how each States the elections are run. In multiple States (PA, WI, AZ, GA,…) individual Precincts as well as State Election Commissions changed materially processes and procedures without Legislative rulings. This is “illegal” and created gaping holes for “potential” election fraud. Now the rub is that America rarely enforces with penalties Elections laws, so trying to do something at this point in time is seen as “OMG, you’re a Meanie”.

For what it’s worth, I’m still waiting to be contacted by Qanon so I can join the club, the kool kids. I really really want to scratch on the window of Marxists in the middle of the night .

We can take up Unitary Executive and Executive Privilege later. I have an organic fermented agave beverage and a steak calling. Cheers!


Could I get your understanding of non sequitur?


You see - this is why you need to formulate proper questions. I had no idea if you were discussing federal or state legislation because you did not say.
So for Corey to answer your questions is a complete waste of time until you formulate them properly.

Thanks for playing yourself.

You just showed yourself to be an ass for blaming someone else for not answering your poorly formulated questions. You didn’t even specify State or Federal legislation, or Nigerian.
50 worthless posts of you and corey going at it and it all could have been avoided by actually saying what you mean.


Seems relevant to our Education and Disinformation thread.

Unfettered Abortionists avert your eyes to the blinding light of truth. It’s SCIENCE from Doctors that Deliver little Human Babies!


  • Ectopic Pregnancies are completely different than Abortions - Oh the horror!
  • More Mother WON’T Die if abortions are reduced - Whuhut?
  • Kill Babies, Save Mothers! (isn’t it Birthing Persons? I’m confused.)

We’ll need to check with Dave Van Zandt if this Science is the Real Science.


Two interesting stories this week show where the GOP is headed:

That’s just a few weeks after the Mara Lago search and still 2 months before elections.




Gets even WORST for Bad Orange Man!


California’s banning gasoline cars and in the same breath “don’t charge your EV’s this week” is getting a lot of traction.

Outside the Gavin Gaffs (he’s such a beautiful man and that smile…) here’s a more pragmatic article, even if the headline is a bit hyperbolic in my opinion.

To cast this in “Integral Stage Development” terms, my question is: How much regression is acceptable in order to make progress towards the Integral/Globalist vision?

I personally am not one to think that a 6 month windows into the weather indicates much, but the term “Climatistas” is a really cute one to play with. Are you a Climatista? Do you have a thing for Climatistas?

For the first time in more than 80 years, the Atlantic Ocean hasn’t produced a named storm between July 3 and Aug. 31. So the Climatistas will have to celebrate Labor Day this year for its Marxist roots rather than the weather destruction they’re constantly rooting for so they can blame it on man.

Will we see classic Leftist “it’s your fault but no you don’t get any credit”-ism just as with the changes in gas prices? Or does it really matter?


I don’t think regression is Necessary at all.

There are two (or more) paths ahead of everyone at every minute of their lives. Usually the more difficult thing to do is the one that will make one’s life better. So people don’t do the more difficult one to advance - they do the easy thing until problems build up and build up and they regress until there is some kind of crisis.

Taking out the trash is unpleasant. It’s easier to just let it pile up. But then sooner or later there will be a problem much worse.
Even waking up early is unpleasant. But if you don’t wake up early in most cities you will be in the most stressful traffic time and spend twice as long in traffic.

and so on and so on.

As for California and Climate change:
You are really just cherry picking data and circumstances. Let’s bring that head in the sand photo back, eh?
When you move to Hawaii and buy your house - I guarantee you will have solar and if you don’t buy a house with it pre-existing, I guarantee you will install it and take full advantage of Biden’s new extension of the Solar Tax Credit.
And while you sit in your house in Hawaii with Solar Panels and you get used to having to take your own shopping bags to the store and maybe you even buy an electric vehicle because the credits are so good - you will still rant and rave about how all these things fail in California and that’s absolute proof that it doesn’t work, completely ignoring that you yourself are taking full advantage of and benefitting these liberal tax environmental breaks.
I see this kind of absurdity all the time for the last 10 year when anti-liberals call me up wanting information to take advantage of the latest liberal tax bill and in the same conversation criticize the exact same bills, lol.

It was the same with Biden’s two COVID stimulus relief bills. Anti-liberals love to complain about them, but are the first to have their hands out and collect on any benefits they get from them, lol.


Agree completely with you on this. Regression is not a necessity for development.

It’s just what’s in the news Ray. California is in the news for “talking Green” and mandating EV’s, yet having insufficient electricity available to meet even current demands to support EVs. Generating and distributing electricity is hardly a mysterious lost art and should not be surprising to anyone at PG&E or Public Utilities Commission.

This is more a symptom of “great ideas that sound cool” vs someone having done the actual work to put in place what’s needed to support the Neo-Vision. This is were the Political Disinformation, or is it Education comes in to play?


Let’s take two opposite extremes:
California and Texas.
Honestly I’d never live in either state. Texas has a crumbling infrastructure due to decades of nonregulation and nontaxation, and is in complete climate change denial. California is overregulated and is always the first state to “test” new ideas. Californians just like to be the first to experiment with any new ideas. It’s not even political - it’s what it means to be a Californian. They like to try out new stuff and new ideas. That’s why the desert of Southern California was settled long before other desert areas in the Southwest.

And yet there are 48 other states between these extremes.
It would be kind of silly to use Texas as evidence that anything Republican never works.

Actually, it is. There is the problem of maintaining a consistent level of electricity for tens of millions of people when population electricity needs spike then drop at certain times of day so these massive electrical distribution networks have to change direction on a dime without blowing out people’s fuses every day.
In my opposite extreme, Texas is definitely a state for which the art of electrical distribution was lost.

Many other states have succeeded somewhere in the middle. Despite Republicans I know blaming Biden every time the there is an electrical problem in Hawaii - in my lifetime service is much more reliable now than it was even 10 years ago, when electricity failed every Thanksgiving and Christmas afternoon. A large part of this success is due to the very generous state residential solar credit, which every Republican homeowner I know has taken advantage of.


Again, here in Honolulu - it isn’t perfect - but according to this article leads the way in Solar Power. In 2014 solar critics said it was “a pipe dream” to achieve what Honolulu has today. The humor is that Hawaii isn’t even the sunniest place - it’s always “partly cloudy”. It’s absurd that desert cities do not have higher output.
The advantage, of course comes in the form of my reduced electric bill, when I do not even have Solar but since the grid is not 100% reliant on fossil fuel, the spike is less extreme than the spike in oil prices.

E vehicles: Yes, California probably made a stupid law. Who knows? But the blame is not on E Vehicles - the blame is in not building the infrastructure first. Again, when you buy your house here you may find it tempting to buy an EVehicle - because their parking / charging stations are mandated to have premium stall locations at every parking lot. So EV drivers only walk slightly farther than Handicapped stalls.

So regardless of what Californians do or do not do in whatever thing they are currently experimenting on, only looking at California as the only example is kind of silly.


What’s not working in Texas other than Marxist Wokeization?

I agree with you on this and think that the assumption that electricity is 99.999% reliable is part of the Nanny State culture the left has propagated. Another EXISTENTIAL CRISIS OMG!

Your electricity is 4x what we pay here in He’ll.

You have to look at overall climate down to the micro level. We have awesome solar efficiency, most of the time. Then during July-August-Sept we have our rainy season. Weird I know.
110F and cloudy during the day. Then low of 95F at night. Solar is almost useless during our very hottest weather. Rest of the year we can idle out electric death generators. Coreys Nuclear would be perfect to combine with solar.