Information Warfare Education, Propaganda, and How to Tell the Difference



If I compare Honolulut to Phoenix it’s only about 3x. But everything is 2x-3x here, lol. It would be strange if electricity was the only thing that wasn’t. If you adjust for the “Paradise Tax” on all goods.

Now if you compare rural Hawaii that’s more like 37 c which is about 3x the price of AZ.


Education or Propaganda
Hard to see how Big Guy is bringing the nation together, but is that the intent - or is intent to hang on to majority control of the Federal Government?

Where next for the Big Guy’s Protect Democrats Tour? I’m guessing Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada.


‘Parasitic’ Ideas and Why Rational People Fall for Them

Psychoanalytic theories often overestimate the influence parents have on shaping their child’s identity. They tend to ignore the unique combination of genes that defines us.

Some people might indeed act in accordance with how their parents raised them, others are more driven by a desire to meet certain ideals. Two foundational ideals are: freedom and truth.

Professor Gad Saad always believed that religious practice restricts freedom. Academia and science, on the other hand, granted him immense freedom to navigate radically different intellectual landscapes.


This is interesting because I brought this topic up several montsh ago.

Your reply on this perspective then was:

I am curious if you still hold your same opinion with regard to Sam Harris?
Do you acknowledge a complete understanding of Sam Harris’ views? Do you accept Sam Harris’ views as valid from his view? Is your goal to help Sam Harris feel acknowledged and understood?
Or did you change you mind about your opinion since 1 year ago?


@excecutive To be completely frank, I find the original book I posted to be much less polarizing and much less biased against one particular group and not pushing any particular political views or social agenda than your book and author.


@excecutive Excellent discussion by Gad Saad. Thanks for posting.

Lot’s of wine cork sniffing going on by some really intelligent people.

@raybennett Why not revive the old thread with Gad Saad’s video as a kick starter. There was actually a pretty good discussion going on so it seemed.

On the Sam Harris topic, I would say that Atheist Sam had a complete Deontological / Emotional logic collapse, which is his primarily complaint/weapon against all non-Atheists.

Have a Both/And weekend!


Glenn Loury, well know racist, defender of the patriarchical destruction of the planet and oppressor of humanity has an interesting discussion with guru Integralist Steve McIntosh.


Where do you get this stuff? Do you find that these kinds of straw men make it easier for you to make your point?

I’m psyched they invited Steve onto the show. I haven’t watched yet, but I hear he did pretty well!


I loved your book reference and read it multiple times as I found it quiet powerful. Yes @raybennett I agree with my comment a year ago and I do understand Sam’s view quite well. I have been following him for many years. I find the comments made by Gad Saad also very effective on Sam’s comments that hurt his reputation. I don’t know much about Gad but I did purchase his book after watching this interview.


Views Woke as highly regressive, Anti Collectivist, Pro Christian, Pro Free Market, Anti Marxist.

From a 2nd Tier Integralists perspective how can Glenn Loury not be considered a misogynistic racist white nationalist?

I commend McIntosh for wading into what he considers enemy territory.


Thank you.

I’m one that never really paid attention to Sam Harris but I do agree that he probably went off the deep end. I see it as a danger at extreme positions.

One funny thing is that I attended a professional seminar and got as a gift a pair of socks that say “it depends”. You see, when someone gives an answer in my field the answer 99% of the time starts with “it depends”.
So I guess this bleeds over into my political and spiritual life, where everything that I evaluate I take a pause and think “well, it depends”. Did Sam Harris go off the deep end? well, maybe. Did Jordan Peterson - well, maybe. Am I off the deep end? lol Always something to ask myself.


Are you sure Sam harris is an Atheist?
He is anti-religion, but he believes in spirituality, which Atheists by definition do not.

Note I don’t actually care - I just wonder if you are name calling or if you are just repeating something without considering what you are saying.


OK boys and girls, here’s a “police tool” they are using to track your iPhone and Android every where you go. Enjoy your read.
Those of us in the biz always wondered why they don’t track down the Antifa burning our cities…


@FermentedAgave Sam is an Atheist by his own definition. I find my personal spiritual path is quite similar to Sam’s, he uses spirituality to define his connection to life, as I do. I do not consider myself an Atheist … my view is that an Atheist is just as dogmatic as an “Only My God” religious fanatic. Sam’s a “No God” or “Anti-God” fanatic.

@raybennett I try and understand and accept everyone’s point of view. I found Sam’s comments about Trump and Biden’s son way beyond reasonable and pretty scary. We are in a terribly hostile environment right now and I reject any ideology that trashes our Constitutional protections, in favor of personal beliefs.




CNN tweaking Blood Red for a more “Appealing” Hot Pink.


I found his comments regarding Biden completely unreasonable so I inferred he was using hyperbole.
I trust of course if there was actually pictures of dead children actually in Biden’s laptop of course he would want to know.
When someone uses obvious hyperbole and their opponents take it seriously I tend to wonder about the other side’s judgement as well. Note I said “as well”, not “rather than”.
What we see is two sides (of which I am on neither side) - Sam Harris and people who hate Sam Harris and all he represents. The two sides are engaged in an absurd debate and escalating it up into some kind of threat to our civilization.
The irony here is that Sam’s opponents say some pretty wild and crazy stuff on their own from time to time. When they do this, I myself have to make some judgements while at the same time not seeing it as “scary”. Scary implies fear, and fear distorts reality. A person or group in fear is an unreliable witness and unable to see what actually is.
I myself always try to find when I am reacting in fear vs without fear. When I am not in fear I may still be wrong, but I am much more likely to realize being wrong when I am not in fear.
So when I hear people use emotionally charged words and dogmatic and inflamatory expressions like @FermentedAgave and @steljarkos habitually do - my first check is my own internal emotions.

Trump has also given me lots of practice with this. Is Donald Trump a threat to our Democracy? Probably, in my opinion. Though less so since the Mara Lago raid. Again, in my judgement.
But am I afraid of threats to Democracy? Not really. I think humanity has much bigger concerns that it is ignoring, but even those I am not afraid of. I’ve always said Trump is merely a symptom of a larger disease. Did Sam Harris catch this disease? Possibly to probably. He could have caught it from any number of people who said something that he found to be “scary”.


I’m just glad Biden finally got ahold of his manhood and is stating the obvious that he has been avoiding for 6 years.

I found this headline from Yahoo ironic:
“Biden speech denouncing Trump, ‘MAGA ideology’ sparks threats, calls for violence”

Essentially “If you call me a violent extremist I will threaten violence”

But yeah, color is completely used to manipulate people. Why do you think Trump wears an oversized red necktie? To compensate for own fears and his small hands, of course. Why does / did MAGA choose the color Red for it’s symbol? We know the answer to that when we accuse Biden and CNN, lol.

Thank you @FermentedAgave for finally admitting that using the color red has a link to extremist ideology and Hitler.


Just to show how absurd your comparison is @FermentedAgave:
You see, I, too can use photoshop to link random gestures in an attempt to mean something when they do not.


Harris came across as quite sincere that his statements matched his beliefs. He passed the look-em-in-the-eyes-test. Per @excecutive 's Gad Saads video, Sam seemed to be exhibiting very clearly cognitive and emotional alignment in his statements regarding Trump and the Biden family. I didn’t note any sarcasm or hyperbole.

You can shrug it off, but Harris said what he said very convincingly. Harris has likely eroded his public persona as the Trans Religion Ubermensch Rational Atheist.


Sincerity, sarcasm and hyperbole are three very different things.
Of course a person can be very sincere and not sarcastic at all and use hyperbole. In fact that is when it is most common. You do a similar thing all the time, and I believe you to be sincere.

Nobody is shruggin anything off. You have a very weird way of making imaginary narratives about other people’s interiors that are usually completely innacrate, lol.

I just never saw Sam Harris of much of an important spokesperson in the first place. Kind of like when you use extreme hyperbole such as

I don’t think you are somehow suddenly significant in world events, lol.