Integral aliens

I’m an avid alienophile. I’ve thought a lot about it recently, and in all of my thinking on the subject only recently have I thought, would these aliens be integral? That would be quite a standard to bear. Often, I consider SETI looking for basic math signals in the noise of signals broadcast down on earth, without much concern even about the moral outlook of the potential aliens, or of us for that matter. We have a history of going to war with pretty much anything foreign and new.

Would the ideal aliens have an integral theory? Maybe we should be looking for a transmission of quadrants in all the noise. I’m so curious about the outcome of a trans-species developmental psychology.



Hi Joshua,

For complete and detailed explorations of such matters, consider the YouTube channels of Isaac Arthur and John Michael Godier. I have not specifically heard the word “integral” on those channels, but they leave very few hypothetical stones unturned.


Don’t know about “integral aliens” but there is an integralist studying aliens (non-human intelligences), Sean Hargens. He has created a “unified metatheory” of UFOs and related. He also teaches a course about it (“exostudies”). Here is a link to get you started; be sure and check out his websites on the topic as well.

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Hey Joshua, we’ve got a few pieces on the site you might enjoy. Perhaps you already saw them, but just in case…

Hi. I have studied Ken Wilber for decades. I’m a very cautious and rational person, but I believe I have been collaborating with two extraterrestrial scientists, off and on, my whole life. They gave me strategies for speeding up our evolution and I tested them for 20 years on myself, friends, and my high school class when I was.a teacher. They are similar in some ways to Integral theory. I’m writing books about it. --Eric Schilling


Actually, aliens, and UFOs are what got me eventually too Integral Life. There is so much information available online, especially under politics and exoconsciousness. The last item jiving somewhat with you last line re: alien psychology :slight_smile:


Let’s take this logically:
Category A - no aliens have contacted us. There are a few possible reasons:

  • They reached space travel but destroyed themselves and were therefore not even Green, much less integral
  • They are underdeveloped and haven’t reached space travel, therefore not even Orange much less Integral
  • They have observed us but have not contacted us, and are planning conquest or elimination, suggesting Red or lower development
  • They have observed us but have not contacted us, and plan to wait and see how we develop, suggesting Integral or Higher development

Category B - Aliens have contacted us

  • They have only contacted key world leaders in exchange for baby embryo or some other human delicacy, or they just enjoy giving random humans anal probes or some other kink, suggesting an Orange or lower level of development and they consider us lower life forms
  • They have contacted only individuals who they detect to be at a higher level of development than other humans, suggesting an alternative scope of development we humans are unaware of
  • They only contacted us by accident such as in incidents such as Roswell, suggesting Integral or Higher level of development
  • They only contact us through accident but play gags on us such as crop circles or sexual encounters and things like that, suggesting an Integral level of development but with an immature frat boy sense of humor

I guess it all boils down to: who do you believe?

I personally don’t believe we have had any alien contact, and humanity is on the wrong path hurling toward self destruction and all our developmental models are either completely wrong or slightly off the mark, including Integral Theory.


This is a topic I’m very curious about as well, not just because of the possibility of contact with other species but also how it frames what it means to be human. I believe Dr. Steven Greer is the most credible professional in this area and recently became aware of Sean Hargens.

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Thank you for your detailed and sincere post. (Actually I don’t know who I’m responding to. I don’t understand the logic of these threads.). But I’ve had contact on a regular basis, with two ET scientists, and for decades. I haven’t met anyone else like me, though. They don’t agree with all of Wilber’s schemas. The two ETs communicated that the secret is that ET and Earth people need to slowly “mesh” their living systems BEFORE they can develop useful two-way communication. I’m a scientist and very careful skeptical in the good sense, and a small part of me never believed it was happening. But logically, knowing them is the only explanation for the things that have happened in my life.

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I agree. I joined CE-5 Initiative in August, and felt so safe and in such a calm and rational environment, that I came out of the closet about my ongoing contact with two ET scientists. Before I joined I was expectant humans who were “fringe”, but it was a very pleasant surprise. They are very rational and supportive and well-read and have a good sense of humor. The two ET agree with a lot of Wilbers schemas but not all. I posted more, recently.

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If there are non-aggressive ET who are more advanced than us, this would be the compassionate approach. Your account falls into B-3 in my description above. The ET who contacted you do not respect our system of determining leaders and representatives of our race and have an different scope of what is important in the development of races.
And also, a scientific conclusion cannot be made that these are the only ET, or that they gave you the only version of “the truth”. All the other options are still on the table for other ET’s or indeed, the one(s) who contacted you may even contact different people and express their motivations from perspectives those people can understand at their stage in development.

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Alien contact is ongoing. Looking through Hubble and Kepler Space Telescopes considered least compassionate. How would you feel if I looked toward your home before you were born? To meet the right aliens we will come from my heart space not from light control.

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I can see why they have not reached out to me. I don’t have any concern at all for humans or other species who invent random reasons to be offended.
I don’t have any concern about the place of my birth being seen by anyone. Before I was born it was wilderness. For a brief time it was a home and now it’s a shopping mall. It isn’t and never has been my right to be offended by every human, scorpion or extraterrestrial who has ever viewed this land.

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Integral meshworks is specifically trans-human but we are looking for a functional cross species 3rd density integral agency says Joshua Alf

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I would like to think that there’s more advanced/developed beings out there simply because the idea of humans being the most advanced species in this universe is very disturbing! I’ve never had any encounters although I know some that say they have and they truly believe it and I have no reason to doubt them. As for the anal probe stories that seem to be so prevalent I think that is a response to being anally raped and the trauma of that becomes so difficult to deal with that the mind has to create a story to be able to handle it especially when it’s a child. If ET are Integral or beyond I can understand why they wouldn’t want to interact with humans.

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Hi Brian,

Yes, apparently there are. I am very curious and interested in this topic and watch the content in the Gaia app/site. There are apparently some beings such as the Pleadians Arcturians, Sirians etc. I follow a Dr Steven Greer on Instagram as he has been heavily into this work for a while and the most credible person it seems on the topic.

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Do you watch any of the content on the Gaia app/website Joshua?

My problem with Human Beings Embodied is they Often Express A Therepeutic Facial Advantage That Hides The Spiritual Tendencies of Alien Life Form Contact.

I’ve just been getting into Bashar and all the content on YouTube and his website for the last 3 months or so.

To Consider My Invitation To Bashar Version Service To Other Version Infinite Was Before Recognizing His Home Was On Mercury The Planet.

Human Being Darryl Anka Original Source Channel to Version Art Way was a Key Integral Link to Intelligent Infinity

To Register Us Now Planets Earth and Mercury Now Have an Open Interdimensional Portal Wormhole Tunnel With Active Agency for Communion.

One Of the Things Non Humans Are Most Curious About Regarding Humans Is Sex and Sexuality.

We are beyond the theoretical age of contact.

Holeon via Joshua Van Abrahams The Way

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