Integral Critical Theory: The 8 Zones of Racism


@raybennett What it it isn’t about race or ethnicity? What could it then be about?


I already said my opinion is that immigration is NECESSARY for you to get your social security. You didn’t have enough babies and you didn’t vote for enough vocational education to have a qualified workforce to sustain your social security. So now your Social security is reliant on Gen Z - who don’t even want to get out of bed to work for $14 so you can have your Supersize $5.99 Big Mac deal at McDonalds.
You now have a choice:
1- Either you can have Big Mac Super Size value meals for $5.99 served to you in 2 minutes or less by immigrants, whose FICA and Medicare withholdings pay for your SS and Medicare.
2 - You can block immigration and make your own hamburger at home for $10, and watch your Social Security disappear.

If it’s not about race and ethnicity, there is no problem and we can just let Mexicans flood across the border if that’s the case.
You can’t have it both ways - you can’t say it’s about immigrants from Mexico (and never mention any other country) and then in the next breath say it’s not about race or ethnicity. Especially when 60% of the people standing next to you say it COMPLETELY all about race and ethnicity.


As the author of this piece says, his subject matter has been “literally unspeakable.”


Oh Ray. If that’s what you want to believe, then BELIEVE it. LOL


Our government is just waiting for you and the Far Left to simply PASS THE LAWS and then you can have Gender Fluid teachers train our children to suffer from gender dysphoria. It’ll be GREAT for business, right

How is that not transphobia?


And we should be aware of this too, particularly when it comes to accusations of DNC and elites as a pedophile cabal: as far as I can tell, the Catholic Church and the largest Protestant denomination in this country (Southern Baptists) are the ones with the pedophilia problem.


Many parents don’t want a grade school teacher teaching their kids about natural heterosexual gender and sexuality. Does that make them heterophobic as well?

And if you can’t muster a majority to pass the legislation, then the LGBTQIA++ Expertocracy doesn’t get to teach it.


You weren’t raised in a home in poor white America in so you might want to consider that I was. It’s not about belief - it’s about knowing. I probably hear the code language where you don’t. I’m fluent in dog whistle because from the time I was born until the time I became an adult responsible for myself, I understood there was a language we use amongst each other and a language we used when in mixed company. Obviously, you get the filtered language and quite often I don’t.

So my counter is, if you want to DENY it, then deny it, LOL.

White America means exactly that, lol. I’m not sure how your mental gymnastics gives you the idea that it’s not about race.

I only find it bizarre and a bit humorous.


The All Knowing Eye-of-Ray.

Couple of questions for you since you’ve got me figured out:

  • What was my socioeconomic class was I raised in?
  • What Race/Ethnicity is my wife and her family?
  • What political party was I raised in?
  • What religion was I raised in?
  • What Race/Ethnicity was my Best Man at my marriage?


You cannot disown the hate in this sentence. This is not about laws or reason “train our children to suffer from gender dysphoria”.

natural heterosexual gender and sexuality

This is bigotry. It may be so shadow that you cannot see it, but this is bigotry, and this is what the left is fighting. Mask it, cloak it, hide it behind whatever rational you want, but it is there, and it is why we cannot have a rational debate about issue because when we come back with rational compromise it’s not enough because the truth is you want to destroy people’s lives that you don’t see as “natural”. You hate the left so much because the new left is finally playing rough. Clean it up, man, clean up the prejudice.


No doubt religions have done horrible things and even covered up their atrocities.

I didn’t see anything quickly on the Southern Baptists, but did find some stats on Catholic Priests.
How many Catholic Priests have been accused of pedophilia? And perhaps multiple by 2 or 3 times to cover the ones that got away. And how many Catholic Priests are their in total?
Is this similar to the general population or is pedophilia a pandemic within the Catholic Church?

Also, how many of the First Nation’s children were unearthed in Canada? Is that genocide of children being addressed?


When it comes to our children - yours, mine, whomever - the parents get to decide when and what gets taught to THEIR CHILDREN.
For you or anyone to DEMAND that small children are taught LGBTQIA++ curricula to ALL children is against our moral codes today.
Just as we’ve found that teaching children Christianity (even if the entire population is Christian) in public schools is inappropriate.

To name call and characterize as “hate” and wanting to “destroy” people is simply not true and you know it. We’re on a philosophical and ideological discussion forum here, so discussion ideological and philosophical topics. If you feel passionately about your beliefs, which you do, I highly recommend you become very politically active.

As adults, I don’t really care what you do or what your preferences are. But just because you have certain beliefs doesn’t mean anyone or everyone has to agree with you.


Doesn’t matter - you are the 30%.
The 60% is completely in line with what I’m talking about.

Sure, you can deny that “for you” racism is not an issue - but you can’t say that racism doesn’t drive the majority because it does.

But just for fun:

Here is what I imagine:

  • What was my socioeconomic class was I raised in?
    I place your parents in Northeast Arizona along interstate I-40 selling Native American Rugs made in Pakistan to tourists driving across country to vacation in Las Vegas.
  • What Race/Ethnicity is my wife and her family?
    Southeast Asian
  • What political party was I raised in?
    Your father lied to your mom about this. He said he was “independent” but voted reliably Republican in every election and secretly he loved Nixon.
  • What religion was I raised in?
    You and Carlos Castaneda were both apprentices under the Yaqui sorcerer don Juan Matus. You are the missing link to verify Castaneda’s whole story that the entire lineage of Peyote induced Shamanic ceremonies legitimately passed to him.
    Either that or Christian. :smirk:


I’m glad you said “no doubt…” because there is none. ALL religions have done some horrible things both in history and in contemporary times, but it is these two–Catholicism and Southern Baptists–that take the cake, so to speak, when it comes to modern-era pedophilia and the sexual abuse/assault of adults (nuns in the Catholic Church–you can find some You Tube videos about that–and Baptist church members). The pedophilia in the Catholic Church is not limited to the US, and it and its cover-up goes back at least 50 years. If not a pandemic, certainly an epidemic.

There is so much cleaning up that needs to be done in our society, on both the left and the right politically; I think you and I would agree with that. Sadly to say, there is also a lot of cleaning up that needs done within Christianity. The good news is, these things “come to light,” which bodes well for less of it in the future.


This are good ones! Thanks for the laughs RB.


The number is 2 percent. The outrageous thing about the Catholic Church is protecting them. So while the general population is double at 4%, they are punished according to the law.
There is also the issue that I expect quite a bit more from men who have devoted their life to a religion than I expect from the general population. So 2% of Catholic Priests being pedophiles as the minimum publicly recognized by the actual Pope is outrageous.
The fact that they are still Bishops and Cardinals and still maintain their positions of trust and authority instead of being demoted to the position of Vatican glory hole attendant is even more astounding.


I don’t read what you said as anything other than bigotry. That’s just my truth and I am speaking it. Trying to suppress the calling out of bigotry is suppression of free speech.


So I like to look up the actual meaning of words, and yeah … I have to say that this definition does actually match my experience, as demonstrated in thousands of posts and pointed out several times by several people.

a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.


You dodged the actual question on #'s and went straight to the condemnation of Christianity. I haven’t looked into the hotbed of Southern Baptists. The Catholic numbers are pretty easy to find, if you look.

But hey, Ray dug up the numbers here…

As of 2019 there were 414,336 Catholic Priests. Let’s assume Ray’s 2% pedophiles number is low and just round down to roughly 400,000 Catholic Priests in the world that aren’t molesting children.

Now would it help fire up your LGBTQIA++ juices if you knew that it is estimated 50% of Catholic Priests are homosexual by orientation? And all those Mythic Literal knuckle draggers DON’T CARE! Maybe you could have a little compassion for them? Nah, fuck it. Let’s string’em all up, or at least keep a steady drum beat of trashing them going.

I don’t know about the Catholic Church or all of it’s Dioceses and Parishes, but to my knowledge almost all Churches require an NCIS background check and child protection training every year for anyone that volunteers for anything at the Church. The training includes grooming and actual abuse, with instructions to call the police first, then you can optionally call the Church office.

Would you consider Churches as “Cleaning up” past sins? What else should they be doing?


Churches should be reporting crimes against children to law enforcement just as teachers and health professionals are required to by law.

This should also be a law with religious leaders.

If you are a teacher pedophile you go to jail and so does any other teacher or pricipal who knew about it and did not report you.
If you are a Bishop, your sins are washed clean and no one even has to report what they did.