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I’d like a legitimate source for this.



You might be wondering why the Leftist media has gone silent since the spike in condemnation of the historic atrocities committed at Kamloops by the Catholic Church’s twisted Priests and Nuns running an orphanage in order to “purge” First Nations people from the planet.

Well, it’s a short story really - NOT ONE BODY HAS BEEN FOUND.

Yet careers were made, Integral Justice podcasts produced, Canadian journalism awards were won, Activists globally were incensed, and zippo for follow-up. Or perhaps the follow-up didn’t match with the initial “White Supremacist” Hypothesis (stated as fact) so no one bothered to print retractions?

Here’s a brief excerpt:

This supposed “news” made the rounds in all sorts of media, tarnishing Canada’s self-image and reputation abroad. Under the title “Horrible History: Mass Grave of Indigenous Children Reported in Canada,” the May 28 New York Times , even when updated on Oct. 5, reported that “For decades, most [sic] Indigenous children in Canada were taken from their families and forced into boarding schools. A large number [sic] never returned home, their families given only vague explanations, or none at all.” The indigenous community “has found evidence of what happened to some of its missing children: a mass grave containing the remains of 215 children on the grounds of a former residential school.”[5]

False Reports

THESE FALSE REPORTS induced the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to portray the situation as “a large scale human rights violation.” The UN urged Canadian authorities and the Catholic Church to conduct “thorough investigations into the discovery of a mass grave containing the remains of over 200 children” — again before a single verified body had been exhumed.[6] Amnesty International is demanding that the persons and institutions responsible for the “remains” that had been “found” in Kamloops be prosecuted.[7]

And just for reference, here’s one of the original reports - 751 child graves at the hands of Priest and Nuns, all in the name of “cleansing the planet of POC’s”.


Here’s a more accurate and realistic description of what happens. You know a priest is gay but you don’t want him to actually show it or anyone to know about it.
Sounds horrific. Yes, we know you are something - just keep it quiet, eh?

Again, I think the 50% number is ridiculous and made up.


@raybennett Being homosexual or heterosexual is irrelevant when you’re celibate. You do know that Catholic Priests (and Nuns) take a vow of celibacy, right?


Sorry to break it to you, but love and affection and sexuality is not 100% just what hole you penetrate with your penis, Mr. Cave man knuckle dragger.


These dudes have taken a vow to not stick their penis into anyone, anyone at all. Kind of a foreign concept for most of us. LOL


Sexuality is only partially about the actual sex act.
When we are talking about identity, the actual sex act is an even less significant factor. So Catholic priests have to cover their basic identity of who they are.

However, in non-Catholic Christianity, there is often not a vow of celibacy and many pastors get married. Except for gays. That’s where the “we don’t care but we get angry thinking about your gay marriage” fake acceptance comes in.


You’re missing the point. I don’t think Catholics care if their priests are gay or hetero, as long as the live up to the vows they’ve taken.
Discussion on the concept of celibacy is a different topic.


No, you are missing the point because you are just ignoring the views of actual Gay Priests in an article I posted that directly contradicts you.
Since you are not a Gay Catholic Priest, I don’t value your opinion that everything is ok and “nobody cares”.

Why did you bring it up?


Yes, and I gave Ray a “heart” for providing that information, along with his statement that religious institutions or leaders should probably be held to higher standards than we hold for the general population. But I do understand why you would confront me on that, given I have confronted you before on dodging my questions. I understand, and yet, I think if we were actually keeping score, I might be ahead for dodging fewer questions than you. I say “might,” am not 100% sure, but I think so, am pretty sure :slightly_smiling_face:.

I personally thought my “condemnation” of Christianity was pretty tame. I made the statement that ALL religions have done some horrible things. I again tried to find some common ground with you, by stating that you and I would probably agree that there is a need for some cleaning up on both the political left and the right (when it comes to extremism, certainly). I used the term “sadly” to describe how I feel about the need for Christianity to do some cleaning up, because that is how it mostly makes me feel, sad. And I ended by saying there is some good news, that these ‘bad acts’ do “come to light” and that that bodes well for less of it to occur in the future. So I think that was generally light-weight when it comes to condemnation.

Maybe it’s me posting the two articles about Christianity so close together that was perturbing? Yes, this is hard stuff to look at. We all have grown up in this country of the majority religion being Christianity; some of us were raised in the Christian religion, or at least partially, and have family members and friends who are Christian. I personally don’t want it to “fail” altogether, and I know there are many Christians who are not a part of the ugly GRT and who strongly condemn sexually inappropriate behavior by church leaders, or anyone for that matter. I know there are many good Christians. At the same time, I don’t want to and am not going to deny that there is a faction within Christianity that is troubling, and closing our eyes to it is not going to make it any less so, or make it any better, or make it go away. Uncomfortable truths have to be faced.

Moving on, the Southern Baptists, I recently read, plan to publish the names of 100 leaders/pastors within their conference who were either involved in sexually inappropriate behavior with church children/members, or tried to ignore it. That is a shaming tactic, and it’s regretful that it has to come to that in order for change to happen.

And moving on more, that there are children-beggars on the streets of cities in Hindu India, that’s horrible too. The way Buddhists in Myanmar have treated the Rohingya, that’s unconscionable. The way the Muslim Taliban treats women, making them cover up their entire bodies again, denying rights, etc. that’s not good news. And yes, there are “dark” shamans and wanna-be shamans who scam people, in this country and elsewhere. So there’s plenty of pointing-the-finger to go around, when it comes to religions. But the topic I introduced was about pedophilia and sexual assault within Christian institutions.

I would imagine some of these requisites you mention have come about in Protestant churches because of the long-running saga around sexual abuse in the Catholic church, and because society is just generally more aware and attentive to these kind of issues. Regardless of how it has come about, yes, it sounds like a good thing during these times, and I know you’ve mentioned it before, that your church requires this. Yes, this is “showing up,” I think–being present to the issue and what the current times seem to require. That churches teach “call the police first”, and “optionally call the Church office” sounds like they are attuned to the fact that there is risk of ‘cover-up’ by maybe some officials within the church; this is wise, I think, and also in alignment with how other institutions are supposed to function, as Ray pointed out (schools, health care facilities, etc.)

However, gotta say it, the Southern Baptists apparently did not have such policies in place. I bet they will in the future.

I’m really not well-informed around all of this; will have to check it out when time permits.


Interested to see if you can find validation of the horrific claims that were levied against Church orphanages and schools.
Also interested if not validated how you would react if say a Native tribe were accused of horrific systemic crimes against humanity that turned out to be unfounded.


Strawman. There have been multiple studies to see whether illegal immigrants vote. Turns out, there’s zero evidence for the claim. (In fact, most of the voter fraud we have seen has been committed by Republicans.)

And I’ve already suggested the compromise for voter ID, as have many on the left — 100% free federal IDs for all citizens, and 100% free + easy access to any documentation required to attain that ID.

I address this in the 8 zones piece — forms of discriminatory policy in Zone 8 that would be examples of implicit racism. The examples I use are Jim Crow era poll taxes, and literacy tests, neither of which use discriminatory language in the laws, but are clearly targeted to discriminate against certain groups. Do you concede that these laws have existed in the past?

Is it absurd to think that non-valid voters might vote if there is no verification? Or is that a tin-foil hat question?

Yes, I think it is fairly absurd. The risk/reward ratio — especially for illegal immigrants — is just such a high bar, which is one of the primary reasons voter fraud is so negligible. Why, as an illegal immigrant, would I risk such major consequences in order to add such a tiny drop to the ocean?

I love your Integral Jujitusu. Invalidate, Associate, Deflect, Disassociate.

Huh? All I did was point out the fact that, in the poll Ray shared, 61% of Trump supporters agree with the statement: “a group of people in this country are trying to replace native-born Americans with immigrants and people of color who share their political views.” Which is the definition of the Great Replacement Theory, isn’t it? What exactly was I invalidating, associating, deflecting, or dissociating? It was speaking directly to the topic of conversation.

Reality is many, and it’s looking like a majority, of Americans don’t think it appropriate for government employees to acculturate there very young children on sex and gender.

You have any sources to back that up? And again, I’d be curious how many Americans didn’t think it was appropriate for government employees to allow black children to learn alongside white children in 1954.

54% of Americans think the reproductive rights afforded by Roe should remain the status quo, while only 28% think it should be overturned. And the majority of voters wanted Hillary Clinton to be president. Why don’t you care about what “most Americans” think in these cases?

Our government is just waiting for you and the Far Left to simply PASS THE LAWS and then you can have Gender Fluid teachers train our children to suffer from gender dysphoria. It’ll be GREAT for business, right?

Ah, there’s the cantankerous bad faith I’ve come to know and love. I’m not sure, but I think that you just tried to deflect the discussion and invalidate my point by associating me with the “Far Left”.

And “training our children to suffer from gender dysphoria”? Really? I think this may be another “great replacement theory”. The leftists all want to replace straight people with LGBT people! It’s just one conspiracy theory after another.

Serious question: Do you really think the goal of the left is to generate more LGBT people? Or is it to generate more support and understanding for the millions of LGBT human beings in our nation, a group that has objectively faced discrimination, abuse, and injustice in the past?

By the way, I’m really impressed with the research you’ve done on me.

I wouldn’t flatter yourself too much, all I had to do was take a moment to remember the conversations we’ve had in the past :slight_smile:


Okay, here we go. You say: NOT ONE BODY HAS BEEN FOUND. What I gather from some quick research is that not one body has yet been EXHUMED, although some of the First Nation people are asking for that to be done. Geophysical techniques, including ground-penetrating radar and drones have been used on grounds that former residents at the schools, who are now older people, identified as graveyards when they were attending the school. The ‘graves’ are unmarked, covered over with vegetation. The geophysical techniques used show “soil disruptions” as well as images, but the archaeologists involved with this work do say that for 100% certainty, there would need to be excavation. Whether to do that or not is a decision being left to the native people themselves, and as I say, in at least one of the situations at one of the schools, that native community is asking for it. So it appears we do not have the whole story yet.

Here, however, is a short video showing the techniques used, the images seen, along with testimony by a former student at that school.

What has been a complication in the story (which involves several different residential schools, which were largely run by the Roman Catholic Church, some in partnership with the government) is that the Church was initially resistant to releasing records of the children who attended these particular schools. That seems to be settled now. Many of the records are incomplete; many records no longer exist. Some of the records indicate cause of death for some children at the school: malnourishment, disease, suicide.

Both in Canada and the US, there has been a long-running narrative about the treatment of Indians in the schools, and the fact that many were not given a choice, but were essentially taken against their and the parents’ will. There were plenty reports of kids just disappearing, never returning home, or returning home after one school year, but not the next. There is a lot of testimony from former students at these schools of abuse, along with being deprived of their language and culture, forced to dress in white’s clothing, cut their hair, etc. in the name of assimilation. I used to have some DVDs of Cherokee people who attended residential schools in the US talking about their experiences. A few actually liked the schools; even though they found them harsh, they credited the schools with giving them an ‘English’ education. More testimonies were about the atrocities and traumas however. I passed those DVDs along to someone, no longer have them.

We do not have the full story regarding this situation. We do however know the history of genocide of Indians in this country, so I personally would not be surprised if indeed bodies are found upon excavation. Am I hating on the Church? No.

“If a Native tribe were accused of horrific systemic crimes against humanity that turned out to be unfounded,” how would I react? Well, something akin to that has actually happened already in our history, that is, in the history of Indians written by whites, it’s a pretty one-sided story of how savage and unhuman Indians were, thus justifying the genocide and rounding them up onto reservations. I’ve gone through my phases of reaction to that: horror, anger, indignation, contempt, sadness, and now I just pretty much see it as reflective of the level of consciousness and stage of development of certain people, groups of people–the state of evolution, period.


Polling shows a devastating Leftist Wipeout in Nov. We can chill until then.
You had to go a ways back for that little nugget. Are you implying there has been little progress since then. Is your progessiphobia flaring up again?

I know your preference is always monolithic Federal mandates. So again, let’s let each Citizens in each state pass what the like. Colo, Cal, NY et al can have no restrictions and the Literal Mythic knuckle daggers can develop at their own pace. That’s actually the Integral way.

Corey, you keep cherry picking survey results and claiming “majority want” this or that. DNC is definitely in line with unrestricted abortions. Why don’t they just pass it with their majority government? Or is it not as popular as surveys might be skewed to show.

Yes and yes

Can I be flattered that you remember? :blush:


No, I’m implying the opposite.

The reason we’ve made so much progress, is because sometimes institutions have to supersede things like “parents rights” so that progress can actually be made.

You keep accusing me of some imaginary “progressiphobia” but keep falling on your face. It’s like you don’t even read the threads that you are responding to.

I know your preference is always monolithic Federal mandates.

Ooh, another strawman!

So again, let’s let each Citizens in each state pass what the like. Colo, Cal, NY et al can have no restrictions and the Literal Mythic knuckle daggers can develop at their own pace. That’s actually the Integral way.

No, that’s not how it works for universal rights. I don’t like the idea of a person’s marriage only being valid in one state, but not another, for example.

The “integral way” is for regional laws to be applied regionally, and universal laws to be applied universally.

By the way, your apparent preference for Amber governance and policy, and rejection of Orange universal and Green pluralistic governance and policy, may be a symptom of progressiphobia.

Corey, you keep cherry picking survey results and claiming “majority want” this or that. DNC is definitely in line with unrestricted abortions.

I’m going from Pew polling, which is one of the most accurate in the country, and these results are replicated in almost every other poll that asks the question. And you think I am “cherry picking” Hillary’s voter count?

And you were the one claiming “majority want this or that” – in this case, the “majority” want teachers to stop teaching sex and gender education, with no source to back it up. Just a hunch?

Why don’t they just pass it with their majority government? Or is it not as popular as surveys might be skewed to show.

I wasn’t aware the DNC had a 60 vote supermajority!

Yes and yes

So you swallowed the propaganda and believe the Gay Replacement Theory. Interesting. What do you assume the left’s motives are for turning everyone gay? Better parades?

Can I be flattered that you remember?

Whatever turns you on man.


@FermentedAgave I have a book recommendation for you, if you haven’t already read it:
“Touch the Earth: A Self-Portrait of Indian Existence.” Not specifically about Indian boarding schools, but an “in their own words” account of quality of life between the 16th and 20th centuries. By T.C. McLuhan. You might enjoy it.


So nothing conclusive even with the genocidal accusations. Bet there are Canadians, First Peoples Catholics whose Churches were burned specifically that could use some closure. Oh well, guess the PR moment had passed.

We were actually taught in public school Jr High and High School the atrocities of the forced removals and relocations for our local teibes. And of course plenty of family stories, but not all bad. I do think there are generational inequities buried in the family. We likely learned more about Andrew Jackson than Abraham Lincoln, even in public school.
But then it’s not like my European ancestors had it on easy street, or they wouldn’t have moved. Famine, Plague, property theft/confiscation, serfdom, or maybe they were all royalty. Lol.

But we didnt live in a therapy culture so my parents didn’t tolerate much victimhood or pity parties. It was always both carrot and stick encouragement to work harder, have vision, strive, education.

Thanks for jogging the memories.


I would not be surprised at all to learn that a higher-than-average number of Catholic Priests are homosexual.

But not because the Church is so famously tolerant of homosexuality, as Brother Tequila seems to imply.

But rather, because they are taught from the earliest possible age that their natural attractions and proclivities are a sin in the eyes of their God, and if they allow themselves to act on it they are destined for an eternity in hell.

The same reasons that so many young LGBT folk have been discarded by their families, and the same reasons that have pushed many into later committing suicide.

And by joining the Church, they not only get to commit to a vow of chastity to help them control their natural but sinful attractions and desires, but get to devote their lives to asking God’s forgiveness for being the perfectly normal person they’ve always been.

By the way, if it turned out there were a higher-than-average number of pedophiles in the Catholic Church, I would likely think it was for very similar reasons. The difference being, unlike LGBT folk, they are an actual threat to the public and do in fact require social restriction and marginalization.

  • Disclaimer: obviously not all Christian groups or churches are hostile to homosexuality, and many have evolved a great deal around issues such as these. 70% of American Catholics, in fact, believe that homosexuality should be accepted, which is a big swing over just a couple decades. And our own friend Paul Smith is an openly gay (retired) minister in Missouri :slight_smile:

Here’s a wonderful illustration by Pew Research:

Go Catholics!

It seems that the Evangelicals are the problem here. 22% of the population, the majority of whom vote GOP. Catholics, interestingly, are pretty 50/50 between the right and the left.


Catholics now believe that homosexuality is acceptable but homosexual sex is still a sin. It’s an orientation, just like pedophilia. Don’t be too fooled into thinking there has been some big development here. They are using this a way to be more accepting of pedophiles, whom that they believe should not act on their sexual impulses the same way homosexuals should not act on their sexual impulses, but there is no recognition that one “orientation” is healthy and the other is a pathology. There is no recognition of what science shows us that contradicts the teaching of the church.


Lol. No mention of Muslims at all. Pound that anti-Christian drum! Find a sliver (Evangelicals) that you can then spin-a-yarn into a massive strawman and then punch away at.

You’re definitely consistent. No mention of how many teenagers and young adults “walk away” from beautiful loving supportive families. But nope - they’re every one victims of the oppressive Christian Overlord Parents that are Abandoned - so let’s expand the State! Very low resolution buddy.

Now that’s a truckload of speculative what-if’s based on unfounded assumptions. I think I get the key point you’re trying to make that Catholics all bad and pathological, LGBTQIA++ all good and healthy. Nice “Disclaimer” to create some wiggle room if you’re asked “Why are you so anti-Christian?”
Were you bounced out of the Priesthood or Seminary? What’s behind this?