Integral Life Practice Group Discussion Thread


Hey everyone, you can use this thread to explore and unpack your experiences with our live practice sessions. Let us know what’s coming up for you!


Hi everyone,

I have been struggling with procrastination for a long time. I have been avoiding completing personal projects, writing books/novels or learning programming for instance. Due to these projects being complex non-career projects, it means there is no enforced deadline or external accountability for me. (i understand that there are apps that have paid accountability as a form a service, but i wonder if the technique is sustainable) Despite practicing mindfulness and lots of willpower techniques, my procrastination feels like somewhat intractable at times. What do you do to overcome procrastination? What aspects of AQAL, ILP you have found helped you overcome the resistance to do your project? I would love to hear some of the techniques or books that you have used to help you avoid shirking off completion of complex and challenging project.

thank you


Hi. I’ve struggled with similar but only when I make commitments to myself. Commitments that I make to others has never been an issue. I deliver. I’m a 2 on the enneagram and I’m sure that plays a role. Anyway, I’ve hacked myself a bit to resolve this and it seems to work for me. So i’m offering here for you to consider…

Basically, I shift myself into autopilot, positioning my self as a VERY distant observer. I do what needs to get done and ignore any resistance. As a distant observer, I’m able to do that. It’s just a state shift, or like an alter personality for a while. One that is very detached. Its a dramatic shift for me. I literally blur away discomfort, voices, resistance, etc.

When I’m done with said task/goal, I move back into my body. I take a deep breath and I’m back. I can still feel the resistance energy lingering in my body, the one I held at bay, but I also feel pride and relief.

When I started this practice, I began with small personal goals. I believe I’m building a muscle with this… we shall see.


thank you for your response. It is helpful. I definitely agree that willpower is a form of muscle. the more you exercise it, the better it becomes. I read a book called “Willpower Instinct” years ago, the techniques described in the book have definitely helped. Chunking is an often cited technique, though at times, I also find that it is actually not always so easy to know HOW to chunk. There are also times when chunking to simpler tasks kind of make the tasks seem too boring, or mechanical, and hence can kind of kill the passion to work on the project. It is always a tough scale to balance—a task being boring-mechanical but doable, vs. challenging and interesting vs. being overly challenging and overwhelming.
Complex projects that are self-directed seem to require a vast variety of skills in order to overcome so many psychological barriers. Mindfulness definitely helps nearly all of them, but it is one of those necessary but not sufficient skill, —though presumably, if one’s mindfulness skill is advanced enough, then the urge to procrastinate “cognitively recognized priorities” and waste time on other things will drastically diminish.


Joined in on Embodied Awareness with Ryan, 09/28/20 session. Lovely to practice with a live group. Nice to refocus midday. I’ve been a daily meditator for years and I love connecting with other Integral people. Thanks for the generous inclusion of the new Integral Practice Sessions for current members. Really excited to join in on more!


Well done session and good explanation of the process.