Integral Life Practice Group Discussion Thread


Hey Jim, this seems odd – just to be sure, are you returning to the actual practice session page, and then clicking the “Join this session” link from that page?

I ask, because Google is also adding an erroneous “Google Meet” link when people are adding to their Google calendars, which will not work since we are using Zoom. So just to be 100% sure, make sure you are going to the actual session page here on Integral Life, and then click the Zoom link from there.

I hope this helps!


Thank you so much for getting back to me Corey.
First time I don’t remember,but last 2 I definitely hit the banner bar at the bottom of your page.
Last time it said host was in another meeting, so may have not been closed from previous practice?
I had a great practice with lee and also Ennegram 5, so all is well today.
Thank you,
God bless