Integrating Polarities — Questions for Beena

Do you have any questions about the Integrating Polarities training? Here is your opportunity to ask Beena.

Leave your questions below, and Beena will respond either in text, or in a future episode of our monthly Polarity Wisdom series!


Hi, Reena! I am a teacher in Brazil and I also work for the legislative house or representatives developing programs and courses on political education and education for democracy.
I am very worried about the way polarity is increasing in our country in many contexts. As I was watching your first lesson it ocurred to me a very strong insight. Our national flag has a a sentence on it that says “Order AND Progress”. I used to be annoyed about it as I did not see any way of treating both of them together. But now I see that this kind of living together ideal has always been there to us as an uthopy not as a conquered prize or a place to go. Maybe it is management, not a problem to solve. And I would kindly ask you to teach me how can we learn from this sentence to be together both the sides of us? And I would be very happy to develop this as a tool in my workplace and workshops I facilitate. All the best to you!


Hi Beena, I noticed that watching and listening to you and the other participants working through your polarities I’m struck with relating to them all and unable to distinguish my own. Often when it comes to asking a question I’m left ‘dumb struck.’ Nothing comes to mind. Yet when people ask a question I realize that it was something I’d been asking myself but unaware until someone voices it. I suppose others asking a question is a benefit of participating in courses with others. At the moment I am doing this by myself. I’m sure there is a obvious polarity in this somewhere.

My father was a artist, very creative, but never seemed to complete anything. One of my values has been completing what I start; whatever it takes. Which can lead to squelching my own creativity and sucking the fun out of life.

Basically, I am asking for help in the form of feedback. My sister is planning on taking the course eventually…but my impatience and need to complete the course in a timely manner has me starting on my own. sigh…

Hello, Corey! I couldn’t find the workshett of the “Practice: Revisiting the 2nd Polarity Reflection” although I have definitely found the first three worksheets. Is it possible to have any mistake there? I would be grateful if your helped me find it. Thanks a lot. Corina

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Hi Corina,

I think that is referring to one of the previous worksheets, and don’t believe there’s an additional sheet to download. But I will check with Beena as soon as I can to confirm :slight_smile:

Hey Corey!

I also think that there should be some more worksheets.
I am now in the “Exercise 2: Pairing Your Values”.
Beena shows a worksheet that I don’t have. And she showed another one some lessons before that I also don’t have.
In total I have three worksheets which I downloaded at the start.

Thank you very much for checking with Beena about that.

And thank you and Beena for setting up this great web course!
It is so helpful for my understanding of integral and live itself! :pray:

Hi Marco, just letting you know that the two missing handouts have been added. Thanks for alerting us! And thank you for engaging with this material - wishing you good insights!

Hi @Marco_Gagelmann_ID-D and @corinacastro, just a heads up that we have added those handouts to the lessons.

And FYI, we made a few minor edits in the main text and titles:

What used to be called “Revisiting the 2nd Polarity Reflection” is now called “Exploring a Paired Strength”, and what was “Pairing Your Values” is now “Thinking in Pairs”.

Hope you guys are enjoying the course!

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Hi Angelika, this is a quick response. Don’t be in a hurry to complete the lessons. There is no timeline. Take your time and chew on the questions. Your example is a great one, and a deep pattern that involves trying to solve the ‘problem’ (your dad had) of not completing anything :slight_smile: I suggest you work with a partner - maybe you and your sister could do the course together? Though I think having a more objective friend is also helpful!


Thanks Corina! That’s right, Order AND Progress is a polarity. The either-or mindset gets annoyed with it and wants one or the other. Another way to name that polarity is Tradition AND Innovation, or Stability AND Change. And, my name is “Beena” :slight_smile:

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Hey Beena and Corey!
Thank you very much for this fast adjustment!
I really love what you have created with your insightful and simple process.

I’m loving it! Thank you.

Hi Beena & Corey,
Love this. Very clear, concise but deep, thank you.
Just a quick heads-up for now.
The “Polarity Map” worksheet is upside-downish.
Appreciation & respect
ps - “Polarities List” on web site ??? (re. unit 21 - Time to Practice)


Hi Beena & Corey,
I have the same question as Quin, where can we find an example list of polarities on the website, I am very curious about that … (I have checked the vertical development academy as well). Thanks so much

What would you pair up with Integrity

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Thanks for a great course, easy to follow.
I can’t find The list of organizational pairs of polarities, that is mentioned in a video (“that can be found on the web site”). Unit 21.
It would be very helpful.
Kind Regards


Order and Progress sounds very good to me, as does “both and” and the same for Democracy, You always have to manage to avoid giving to much to one side.
Good your “It is managment not a problem” I love that!!! Thank you

Hey, just started this course. Curios, where do I find the exercise sheets? Or are they available in the specific modules when I get to them?

hi, you will find everything in the modules, only unit 21 is missing right now. Enjoy it, it’s a great course.

Hi again Corey & Beena,
Feeling a bit awkward.
Further to my earlier ‘Full Polarity Map’ “… upside-downish…” post.
On further exploration - on screen in my PDF reader all is good, however when I ‘print’ it the Red arrow(?) points up/green down - small loops(?) are in “values”/ large loops “fears”. ???
Perhaps this is just an issue with my equipment, but am concerned it may be true for others also so am mentioning it again.
Have just watched episode 2 & thoroughly enjoyed. Have been an admirer of Susanne & her work for a while, looking forward to more. Thank you & best wishes for married-life Beena.

Have the times and dates of the live webinars been posted?