Integrating Polarities — Questions for Beena


I am really enjoying this course and am nearing its end as I watch for the second time the advanced look at switching from just an “OR” perspective to including “AND.” It makes me really appreciate the ability to go back and revisit my courses because this particular unit of Integrating Polarities is taking me some time to digest the implications.

It also makes me want to be more on the lookout for the Either/Or perspective so that I can help transform the conversation to Both/And when there is a Polarity to examine rather than a Problem to solve. It’s not a new concept for me but to look more closely at the ramifications in these specific contexts is still an eye opener and shifts my focus from not just my own usage of the terms but how they are more broadly used. Thanks so much to Beena Sharma, Barry Johnson, Corey DeVos, and the others who contributed to this course.


Hey @David_MacLeod,

Beena’s schedule has been pretty full lately, so we have been pre-recording these episodes without a live audience so we can be more flexible with time/day changes as per Beena’s busy life. Which is why we do not currently have any live webinars listed on the calendar. We will, however, be doing a series of live Q&A sessions with her very soon, just as soon as her schedule begins to settle a bit, and we will definitely let all of you know when we do.


Also, just a heads up that Beena is aware of the missing worksheet in Lesson 21, and will be getting that to me as soon as she is able. I’ll leave a note in this thread once it is available :slight_smile:


Hi, Beena and Corey,
I would like to show several segments fro the beginning of this course to a group of friends, about 10 people. No money would be involved at this end. Please tell me under what conditions I could do this and how to go about getting any needed permission.
Marilyn Bernhardt


Beena and Corey,

I am loving this course. Making my way through it bit by bit, chewing on each piece.

My polarity has to do with a co-dependent stance - valuing being open, harmonizing and connected to other/environment with the other pole being about feeding myself, honoring my “secret” self/genius, beat of my own drum. Does this sound like I’m on the right track?

Thanks for the reply.


Hi Kelly, I definitely think you are on the right track, yes! Beena is away on her honeymoon right now, but when she gets back I am sure she will have a more meaningful response for you. But I am so glad that you are loving the course, and seem to be getting so much value out of it. This is really powerful stuff, isn’t it?