Integrating Polarities — Questions for Beena


I have the same question. So I am following.


Hi there Beena and Corey,

Thank you for making this course available for us as members !

When I saw the description of the course I got so curious because this material is something I have been working with for years but from a different context, with slightly different vocabulary and immediately recognised it. That’s also why I got trough the course in one go… (some months ago already).
I was just wondering if you are aware of the other framework. I am refering to the ‘core quadrants’ the work of “Daniel Ofman” from the Netherlands. The core quadrants is a tool to help you unravel/discover the wisdom in the polarity to put it in polarity terms. The quadrant looks a lot like Beena’s quadrant, organised a bit differently. But with the same 2 poles and their extremes… ! So I have been working with this a lot already . As such the course was not really ‘new’ for me but still worth it to hear it coming with a slightly different approach and wording. Expecially the business examples were interesting. I was using the tools mostly in one-on-one coaching to reveal interpersonal dynamics but thanks to this course I feel more confident in using it for business as well.

And after years of giving people useful insights with this, I have developed a more experiential method for using this framework. With movement and dance I go after the felt sense and make the polarity wisdom embodied (body-mind polarity at work). I am hoping to bring this to leaders in Belgium.

I just have a practical question:
-where can we find the list with polarities as mentioned by Beena?

Thanks so much for making this available.
Warm regards,
Winnie Winters


This may be helpful regarding polarities in business. Dr. Ginny Whitelaw in her book Zen Leadership talks about this from a slightly different perspective but there are some great examples of polarities.