Is Integral Life forums the new Drudge Report?
Drudge made a name for himself in the mid 1990’s by providing a “one stop shopping” location for right wing propaganda. If you want the latest news written with a clear right-wing bias, without any real discussion on anything, that’s the place to go.

Looking at the Integral life forums, there seem to be many discussions posted by a very small minority that are pretty much just links to stories that have an obvious right-wing bias to the point that they can be deemed merely propaganda. There have been attempts by several people to engage with these topics in good faith, but usually the same posters ignore the the other party’s discussion points presented and just post another “liberals owned” story.
Looking at the stories posted, they are mostly “gotcha” or “powned” kinds of stories with a very specific one-sided political message rather than actual news or discursive works.

Is this the intent behind the Integral Life forums? To be nothing really more than a right-wing propaganda aggregator like a mini drudge report?
Because that’s where it’s headed @corey-devos
Also let me head off any “fragility” argument - it’s not about the community being to fragile to engage these discussions or these techniques. I myself have specifically taken a decidedly nonfragile stance again and again. The bottom line is that it’s all about what you want your forums to look like when members are trying to decide the value of a subscription.

hahaha - fragile indeed.

The universe is a big place, and we are searching for a consciousness science big enough to be worthy. You clearly want to dumb down that quest to suite your wokeness.



You should make this your profile photo… it’s as I imagined you.

You know what’s really funny?
Your IP address is the same as another user.

We call that “Oneness” :wink:

There is usually good stuff amidst the otherwise self serving rhetoric. Well, enough to get me to return from time to time. I can spot what, to me, is either self serving boring nonsense or simply boring nonsense quite easily. I just don’t bother going there.
So, for me, the forum is good.

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Yeah, @FermentedAgave I apologize that in another thread I inferred that is was you behind the account. I realize it’s not your style.
It’s the tactic of trying to appear “nice” or “clean” to the public when the person is in fact not. They wanted to express vitriol, so they make another account and at the same time take action hypocritical to what they profess in their main account.
Kindergarten level of trolling, lol. And now completely illegal to use the identity of famous people.
It would be funny though if it was actually the real Stephen Jarosek, lol.
I’d expect more of a published author, but when I look at his twitter feed I see it’s just your typical conservative shit show, lol.

Having difficulty letting go, @raybennett? You don’t like getting gotchad, do you.

Nah, I’ll admit you got me. You got me bad. Sooo bad.

Now go fuck yourself :joy: :joy: :joy:
I’m replying in the spirit of the discussion on Passive aggression By Keith Witt.

Hell, while I’m at it @excecutive can fuck himself, too.
If I’m recognizing silly cunts that actually do annoy me but I’ve been playing nice nice pattycake with might as well make my list here as anywhere else.
my wokeness, eh? :joy:

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Sad that there has to be such foul language.

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On the plus side, they are showing their true colors. This will inspire authentic members to realize that reality is more complex than the simplistic rhetoric of the haters.

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Create nihilism. Creatr chaos. Nothing matters. Destruction. Nothing matters. Go with my bullshit. Nothing matters. Integral. WTF. Agent 99 hot.

Ahhh Yes! … Finally an honest pure thought from the depths @raybennett. Notice how good embracing that truth feels inside … in your spiritual space. Welcome to the world of genuine communication. No hurt feeling here … I still love you! ~ Peace :slight_smile:

Hilarious - I told you from the very first DM exchanges that I embrace “negative” just as much as the positive. This discussion isn’t any kind of “awakening moment” or anything, lol. I’ve been in touch with how I feel from the very beginning. And for example, I’ve expressed similar language to @FermentedAgave a couple of times. You haven’t revealed anything new to me that I haven’t already been practicing from the very first time we interacted. I keep saying this and really do mean it: I’m not invested in your saint / persecutor silliness.
Here, I’ll remind you (@excecutive) what I told you four months ago (May 25th 2021):
For my own spiritual practice, I am NOT Hindu or Shamanic or anything formal - but I do accept chaos and even humanity’s basic bestial natures as both necessary and a beautiful part of creation. Again, I’m not Hindu but the element of [Chaos] is, in my opinion, a necessary part of an Integral spiritual practice.
If push comes to shove - yes, I believe aggression does have a place in an Integral spiritual practice. Maybe not at, though.
So thank you, but … I’m already there, lol.
It’s a clever game of hide and seek you play with yourself, though. I’m merely an avatar for you to project your fantasies onto.
With that established, I realize these games you and @FermentedAgave and @steljarkos play with yourselves don’t really bring me or my community any benefit. I recognize that the Integrallife forums are increasingly a waste of time for me. I’ve participated in the last 6 months for my own reason - which was to track my own emotions as I am presented with people who are in this “us vs them paradigm”. This unhealthy paradigm ranges from obvious and extreme as in @steljarkos, genuinely trying to see another view like @FermentedAgave, or trying to hide it from themselves as @excecutive.

As an American, I’m saddened by what I see inevitably ahead of all of you in the “lower 48”. But this whole “you vs you” thing going on over there is very different in the 50th state. And as citizens of the state of Hawaii, we over here will have to decide how much we want to engage in your madness. An interesting point is that in 2020 for the very first time we were allowed to place restrictions on travel from the other 49 states. I’m curious how long these restrictions will be in place. Our own 50th state Qanon population as well as our “grass on the mainland is greener” population is mostly leaving and going back where they belong - next door to you guys, lol. They are afraid of being trapped by vaccine passport requirements or else they have the idea that “grass is greener in Bumfuck Missouri”. Hopefully they are not just whinging and hopefully they will actually leave, lol. It’s funny that people “fleeing” another state like California might be seen by some as a failure of policy, while here we just think “Good, gtfo”, lol.
Bottom line is I’ve decided to focus more on my immediate community where I can look people in the eyes and in whom I have a common future with - and just accept sadness that the United States that I grew up in is gone and will never return.
It’s sad to see you guys are so heavily invested in dysfunctional paradigms but at some point I just have to cut the connections and focus on the areas I can influence locally.

I’m not Zen Buddhist, but here is another Integral Perspective on the importance of accepting negative emotions (and integrating them) and why a community that fails to do so is doomed to fail:

and here is an interesting dialogue:

I had a post, a topic even, I was going to share in response to the posts in this particular thread, which was something of a ‘final straw’ for me. I even had a title for the topic: “Integral Life Community, or a Haven for Hostilities?” Fortunately, I lost my internet connection for several days; I say ‘fortunately’ because the response I would have made would probably have been pretty reckless, an impulsive post arising from a flare of anger. I’m much calmer now :slightly_smiling_face:, but I still am fully committed to my own ‘sacred values,’ and also to speaking to any devolution or major degeneration at this site we all call ‘Integral home,’ so will just share a quick little poem I wrote, also in response to having read this thread.


Delicate the balance within,
without, all around.
A woman raises her sword,
its tip to the heavens,
slices the air, cuts off
her own head, walks
carrying the strange thing
that both weeps and laughs
among the quarreling men,
bowing to them, chanting,
This too is God-Goddess
This too is
This too
this and this–
all God, all Goddess
God-Goddess all around

The men, raising their cups
filled to the brim
with brotherly blood,
a drop of the woman’s,
a bit of the red that runs
in their own veins,
employ their light
to toast the shade–
Cheers! God-Goddess
in spades, all around

Yes, delicate the balance
within and without–
heaven and hell
the blade and the chalice
the yin and the yang
silence and tongue
cut-throat and cut-to-the-chase:
God-Goddess One-Eyed and Beyond
All Around, All Around All Around,


My bow of acknowledgment to the wisdom you share.

Truth runs deep … how deep? … Will we ever know?
It seems so firm, yet it’s elusive … If your honest not in denial
It’s pursuit is a pleasure although sometimes it feels like it’s a trial
Try your hand at finding it … it is our life divine …
When you believe you have found it … you will block it’s further shine.
Truth is not the destination a place at which to stay
rather it’s the process revealed along the way
Please join in on this life process … it is a genuine life mission
if you think you have “The Truth” your life will be imprisoned
So be open … be honest … accepting all as Her
if we reject anyone or anything our vision will be a blur
Please keep the course … pursue the faith … accept her advice above
The depth of truth we should all pursue is the path of light and love!


Thanks; I appreciate your attempts to uplift as well!