Is The World Order About To Collapse?



Putin seems to be the most competent. Problem is he doesn’t offer a viable alternative. My point is that no one has a viable alternative option.
We in the USA over the past 3 elections (2018, 2020, 2022) were able to slow down the Z movement from taking over the USA completely. We now have the luxury of observing Russia and China and we can watch the results of life two varieties of Z and the quality of life it will bring to the participants. In Russia we have a Z Dictator who is determined to tear down the New World Order through violent despotism and war, while in China we can observe the leaderless form of Z as the New World Order breaks down in China.
This is the big danger with Z - tear down the existing power structures and offer only what I expect will turn out to be horrific alternatives.

On Vaccine passports - I lived in the EU 10 years and was required by law to always carry my “Green Book”. Passports have had computer chips since 9-11. I have never had any kind of delusion in this century when travelling abroad that I was “free”. When I was young, yes. But not since the 1990’s.
The only way to be “free” is if you decide not to use their infrastructure. Build your own dugout canoe, and you are free to move without their requirements. As soon as you use their jets and their privately owned transport, they will want to track you. Not since 9-11 has anyone been able to just jump on a plane without the plane owner knowing your identity.
Which is why I personally have made life choices to retire in a place where I can live to the greatest degree possible without using “their stuff”. I’ve understood for a very long time that if I use THEIR stuff then they can make demands on me that I don’t feel comfortable with.
One example of this is my local Wallmart at some point started recording video of everyone who uses the self checkout. My choice is to either give Wallmart my biographic data, which they can then exchange with anyone they want like Facebook - or I can choose not to shop at Wallmart. But I don’t see the sense in burning Wallmart down to the ground.


A while back, about 10 years ago I was thinking about creating a website with certain religious views and borderline illegal content (psychedelic). I never did it and my interests moved on since then.

I researched hosting companies and noted that the hosting company I had my domain parked at was Mormon and there were documented cases where they removed websites that disagreed with their religious views. I though “OK, fair enough - I’ll use a more agnostic service”.

This goes back to the issue of: “Is a business required to provide services that are against their moral conscience.” There seems to be a double standard here, where the same people who want to supress LGBT expression at the same time feel it is unfair for other businesses like Twitter or Facebook to silence their view. Or vice versa.

It’s not possible to have an orderly society with either of these extremes making laws for the country. Either we say businesses have the right to refuse service to customers, or they don’t. If there are protected classes like race or gender, that also has to be consistent and not flip flop according to political ideology.

That is before we even get into actual crimes - where actual crimes are expected to be tolerated and ignored when done by one’s own political political group. Even the most basic society cannot exist if large parts of society support actual criminal activity of their group.


Your points mostly reflect personal and private entities that have no power other than deny you access to their goodies or services. The UN the WHO and WEF are not an authoritative body we exercise any control in managing.

Giving up our rights to a World Government that is seeking full authority to demand compliance at the point of gun or a compliant experimental injection is quite concerning. The US Government power is massive and is threatening to many people already.

A facist World Government is an even more terrifying fear. Especially to those populations that have suffered at the hands of dictators like Stalin, Mao and Hitler. I like this better than the political who-hates-who conversations we are having here at home in America.

While at our age as Boomer’s we need not be too concerned … the Zoomer’s, Millennial’s, GenXer’s have a lot of genuine concerns, as they should have.


It’s such a tricky issue, especially since we live in a time when our trust in our economic and governing institutions is at an all time low. And yet, we are now faced with a series of global life conditions that can only be addressed from a global scale — things like pandemics and climate change and migrations that result from climate change, worldwide economic inequality, transnational corporations without a transnational regulator, etc. And all of this really does require a new scale of global agreement, cooperation, and self-organization. Which is exactly how our governing social holons emerged in the first place — townships created problems that could only be solved at the provincial level, provinces created problems that could only be solved at the national level, nations created problems that can now only be solved at the global level. So integral would predict the emergence of a new global social holon at some point.

But the challenge, of course, is how do we get from here to there, when the people who are sitting sitting at that particular table are the same people who created so much of the national and transnational mess to begin with? How can we allow a new kind of power to emerge, that isn’t simply an expansion of current plutocratic control?

My greater concern is that these transnational entities are actively hollowing out our national institutions through excessive lobbying and regulatory capture, and being sold to the public as phony “governments are only ever bad” populism. When, in fact, a functioning government is supposed to act as a shield between the people and the plutocrats (including Musk, Bezos, and Zuck) who are actively trying to dismantle these layers of protection.

This how we get to the point where half of our country looks to billionaires to be “populist leaders”. Again, it’s a total Ayn Rand nightmare.

Which is what make it a dangerous time for this new global social holon to emerge, because these are the people who wield an inordinate amount of influence, and want to create a global system in their own self-image.

Make no mistake, one of the most pressing challenges on this planet right now is that we have a cabal of transnational corporations and no mechanisms of transnational regulation, which is preventing all these other pressing global challenges from being solved or even acknowledged.


Several months or even years ago I made the claim that we were headed for catastrophe due to fundamental flaws built into the flavor of Capitalism we have chosen. I can’t remember exactly who cast shade on me then for being too negative or whatever. I can’t remember if it was just fermented or how many others joined in.

The point I had then and seems to be coming true now is that the problem is so deep at fundamental levels that no - even Integralists don’t want to face it. Without facing it the actual roots of the problem, obviously no solution can will be found.

It goes deeper than politics and deeper than plutocrats down to a very essential human evolutionary step that humanity will either take or become extinct. If humanity as a whole does not wake up from being a bunch of stupid monkeys with an endless desire to eat and sex everything they see, then humanity is doomed.

What we are seeing now in Russia and China were completely predictable, and their repercussions on Europe and then the USA are also completely predictable. But nobody wanted or even now wants to look at these causes and instead are shocked when these things very easily predictable things happen.

Environmentalists have been screaming about water for decades - and now China has an eminent water shortage. Communists have known since Marx that Capitalism is destined to crash. Only blind faith has kept it going this long. And so on and so forth.


Perhaps utilizing AI to organize around higher principles that allow individuals to weigh in without political identity and agendas but with purpose and good faith.

For example allowing Doctors to weigh in on mass through an organized data driven platform that presents information on medical procedures to doctors who then vote in a vacuum solely on what they interpret from their own professional experience.

The data could then be tabulated and organized based on group thinking without group ideology or peer pressure. When Doctors cannot agree on the science of medicine it’s a big problem. I think most of us would agree the concerns around “emergency use authorization” of Covid shots has become much more a political issue than a valid honest medical one, especially now with the mounting evidence of negative side-effects.


I most certainly agree! We need to be facing these questions together in an open non-competitive cooperative way. Rather than battling for or against different approaches that we align with politically, could we organize around higher principles of measurable productive results?

Use AI to remove the imperfect human tribal alliances to organize things at a higher level. For example leveraging genuine security in our voting systems like we use for online banking. That one thing alone could fix our election system to actually remove the crazy conspiracy theories and actually give us back legitimate unchallenged election results in real time.

Together we could think of collaborate productive ways to optimize AI for desired outcomes throughout society. This will require a transformational change in our attitudes. Dare I say we focus on the spiritual values we share as fellow earth siblings, leveraging agape’ love as the missing ingredient to such a positive transformation?


Is this a sign of the collapse of the World Order or is it the NWO working as designed?


Great article and question Ray … this is an example of raw competitive capitalism; does this need Government oversight to protect consumers? Are these Government agencies and officials in a working relationship with big businesses … more money honey?

The Rumble video below exposes Pfizer using government data from Israel when it sought approval from the FDA. Researchers concluded there were causative negative side effects, yet to this day Governmental agencies continue to hide information about it and shut down voices of Medical Professionals who contradict them.

Start watching at the 1:41 minute mark … are the Government agencies playing an oversight protective role or is this evidence of a powerful Facist Partnership evolving by globalist power players?

Rather than being distracted by the propaganda of petty politics they push out to distract us … I think we should be a voice exposing legitimate points of truthful concerns where ever we find it.

Please share your take-away on this information.


Now to put another twist - without discussing the individual, but the message:
Another line I remember from the great Dune series:
“Constitutions become the ultimate tyranny," Paul [Muad’Dib] said. "They’re organized power on such a scale as to be overwhelming. The constitution is social power mobilized and it has no conscience. It can crush the highest and the lowest, removing all dignity and individuality. It has an unstable balance point and no limitations.”

The question being: Do constitutions support the NWO, and thus should be abolished - or are constitutions our protection against the NWO?

I’m not thinking that any constitution will be abolished anytime soon - but these things, once said and not repudiated, have a way of coming back again and again. Without any kind of cognitive integrity or moral consistency it’s impossible to say when this idea will resurface again, or with how much force. That is the penultimate problem with Z leaders and the Z movement - you have no idea what will come next and even less of an idea whether any whacky, wild Z movement ideology will harm or help you.

Abolish the constitution? why not? A large portion of humanity apparently craves tyranny, and as Frank Herbert mused over 50 years ago - what kind of society will it bring about (hint, the Dune Universe isn’t a happy one).


I am not sure what you’re referencing? Or how it applies?


Referencing: “Is the world order about to collapse?”

Is the US Constitution worth defending, or should it be “terminated”? When a major leader of 70 million + Voting Americans calls to terminate parts of the constitution because it is inconvenient - and few people seem at all concerned about it - is it even worth the parchment it’s written on?
Is the constitution something that favors the NWO, or stands in the way of NWO?
Does the fact that so few people stand up for the constitution when it’s inconvenient for them mean the NWO will collapse sooner, or get stronger?


The digital vaccine passport being signed by the President …this does not violate the Constitution does it? The next President can unsign it, right?

I am sure many people here in the USA would be happy to see the Constitution and America fall. Our world competitors, in pursuit of power, would love to see it crash and burn, to return their “glory days” … is it time to symbolically burn the US Constitution and give power back to the tyranny of aristocracy? I say no!

As an arrogant American I would say the US Constitution being transparent open and free helps the world too. If we cave to world pressures to relinquish power to these world governments, with evil histories, would that be a step in the right direction? I think not.

Does our internal bickering and emotional psychosis here at home threaten the world? It worries me.

Would most people in the world prefer to live under the Constitution of the United States? I hope so.


Yes, Executive orders can be reversed by the next executive - yes. Or the courts can overturn or hinder an executive’s decision. Or the Legislature can pass a law to limit the Executive if more than 2/3 of the Legislative. All this is within the parameters of the constitution.

I agree - or at least some form of it. Perhaps modified here and there to fit their specific needs. I’m on the fence if the Parliamentary or the Presidential system is better, but most successful modern democracies have Constitutions.

Back to passports - Passports have always been a funny thing. We don’t necessarily have a “right” to get a passport. For example, a law was put into effect in 2017 where if you owe more than 50,000 in taxes, the Federal Government can suspend your passport. Freedom to travel outside the US is not protected by the constitution. So if there was never really a fight to make having an international passport a right and not a privilege - adding on the vaccine mandate to the tax debt requirement wasn’t such a stretch. I think that’s one problem we constantly face - our rights are taken away without a whisper of complaint for a “good cause”, and then suddenly when it turns to a cause we don’t support we suddenly think something is wrong. It is, but we as a population allowed it to get that far in the first place.

More immediate than the world, it is used against our own citizens time and time again in dozens of examples I can think of. People jump on the bandwagon of their political ideology and eagerly vote away an opposing group’s rights - then get angry when that establishes a precedent for their own rights to be violated later.

Unfortunately, it’s often difficult for people to see when our own “faction” - be is social, political, religious ethnic or whatever - is taking that first dangerous step. I think one key component to an Integral society would be acceptance of individuals challenging the conventional wisdom of their own “tribe”.


Not to derail the conversation or get caught up in petty semantics but Dune is fiction. I believe I’ve seen you reference it before and to use it at the end of a submission comes across as using it as a reference of history. As if you’re saying if you don’t believe me, just look at what eventually happened in Dune. But it’s not real. I don’t even like constant references to Nazi Germany or USSR, which are real data points. Lessons can be learned and the present always has a flavor of things from the past but future always looks significantly different from our best predictions.

For instance, I study Generation Theory and think a 4th Turning Crisis Climax is due in the next couple years using the approximate 80 year cycles they’ve occured in throughout the past 500 years or so. I believe it is going to occur mathematically but have no idea what it is going to look like qualitatively. Tyrannical government? Civil War? Nuclear exchange? Technocracy? I’ll deal with it when it actually happens. There’s too many variables to act too specifically yet.


That’s an absurd conclusion to make.
No, that is not what I am saying.

Frank Herbert made a fictional character that was a super being. He was the richest, smartest, most powerful being in the Universe and ordained by God himself. If Frank Herbert were to re-write the character today he might even add that the character had the largest hands, wrote the most perfect letters and made the most perfect phone calls. Note I use the past tense because that is how we refer to events in fiction in the English language. It’s also worthy to note that this character was not a “good guy” he is the protagonist in the story but is responsible for terrible atrocities and the deaths of billions of people. Frank Herbert then thought “how would this person feel about constitutions?” Well, of course he would dislike them because they would limit his power. Now rewind or fast forward to today and we have another person who is delusional that he is all these grandiose things and what is his opinion of constitutions? Of course he is against them as soon as they limit his power.

And this isn’t a derailing of the conversation - but right in line with the “New World Order” and will it collapse. Well, that depends on what the New World Order is. If it is Green, then yeah, sure I can see it could very well easily collapse. But if we think it is the Orange foundations upon which Green has built - no. So “Z” leaders will continue to grow in power and get more followers - so long as they remain focused on the culture and race wars and remain “counter-counter-culture”. As long as they just attack “hippies” and “snowflakes” they will increase in power. But we see in the matter of cancelling constitutions and cancelling elections and cancelling basic laws which enabled hippies and snowflakes to exist - no, society will not follow that far. Americans still want courts to treat everyone equally and want everyone from policeman to President to obey the same laws as you and I. The more these Z leaders try to attack our Orange societal foundations, the stronger the reaction will be against them. Move on to Putin, another Z leader who ironically became popular with American Conservatives and even an American President. But the minute he invaded Ukraine he was threatening the very security of every Nation-State and I predict that any American political candidate who attaches himself to Putin now will suffer at the ballot box.

Moving on the the 4th turning.
Here’s the thing about math - if you change one variable the outcome is completely different. Past performance does not predict future success. So regardless of how long a pattern has existed - it is against both mathematical and scientific principles to say that will predict future events. We would need to know ALL the variables, not just some of them.
According to all the 4th turning literature I’ve read, supposedly we entered the crisis phase two decades ago, in 2005. That is following the “mathematical” model. Well, that’s cute to think about the years 2005-2025 being the crisis phase and in just a few years it will be all rainbows and unicorns dancing in waterfalls. Even just a year ago many people in this exact forum thought I was too negative or pessimistic when I said, “Nah, the crisis phase is just starting with COVID”. So a year later looking back Russia started WW III and Republicans didn’t get their “Red Wave” - so now suddenly Republicans are getting on board with the whole concept of a delayed 4th crisis phase and the topic of this discussion about will the NWO collapse.

My own theory that I’ve pointed out to @corey-devos before is that one key variable that is different is generational lifespan. The Baby Boomers maintained their health for 20 years longer than The Great Generation and are only now starting to give up power - very reluctantly, lol. So while for the past 500 years leaders retired in their 50’s and died in their 60’s, Boomers are often not retiring until their 70’s and dying in their 80’s. For example, Both Trump and Biden are in their 70’s, keeping the leadership of the country in the Boomer mindset 20 years longer. If not for Trump, a younger Republican like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz would have given us a Gen X Republican President.
So now as this self-centered, egotistical Boomer “Me” generation is finally about to die, of course they don’t care what happens to the world after they leave it or after they are no longer able to hold onto power - unless they have some kind of inner moral compass or morality. So the unwinding is turning to crisis 20 years later than the model, and the next one will be delayed again by as long as the self-centered generation clings to power.

Unfortunately this also means that the unwinding period was 40 years instead of 20, and the crisis I predict will be exponentially worse than the last 4th Turning that saw WW I, WW II and the Great Depression. This is because not only is the US 4th turning delayed by a longer lived generation, but it is also getting into sync with the Global 4th turning of Europe, Russia and Asia. As a result we will see a deep Global Crisis ahead rather than just a National one.

Or, it’s also possible the 4th Turning is bunk, lol.

But also, there is another aspect of this - at the same time that we are experiencing a crisis, I see Awakening also accelerating concurrently. So the model might just be irrelevant to the future and need to be completely re-worked. Since around 2015 there has been an explosion of interest in psychedelics, for example. Another example is Kaballah becoming open to the global community as well as authentic Yoga and many other spiritual traditions that were formerly behind some kind of gatekeeper system and are now easily available online for a minimal investment of money and effort. So while we are just entering the crisis period with COVID, the awakening phase with at least a portion of the population is overlapping by 10 years. This complicates the model. We have some micro societies that have moved past the minor crisis phase quickly and into Awakening, while the other 99% are headed into deeper crisis. Will the 1% be able to maintain their progress, or will the 99% obliterate the 1%? Your guess is as good as mine.


A valid point about an unpredictable future regarding the 4th Turning and life in general. I would just clarify that a 4th Turning typically starts with a financial crisis which put the beginning of this cycle at 2008; so a climax 15 years later would push the original 2020 prediction to 2023 which I would say seems right on track. I agree that COVID was just the alarm bell and the Ukraine war was perhaps the shot across the bow of a larger conflict. Of course, maybe in 20 more years we will be saying “Hey when is this Crisis CLIMAX going to happen already?”.
However, I believe the CRISIS is in full swing, and if bombs start going off on my block, or another virus causes truly oppressive technocratic lockdowns, or cyber attacks drain our bank accounts suddenly, I intend to steel myself for several painful years and look for a Grey Champion to guide us to transformation.


I think COVID was the start of the crisis phase. We would have had a financial crisis, if we had not printed 12 Trillion Dollars - thus setting the groundwork for a larger future financial crisis.
But I think it’s important to not force the model onto reality to much. A model works … until it no longer works, lol.
Here’s something to consider, though: There are already many “Grey Champions” around already guiding people to transformation. Like I said, I see humanity is splitting into two different cycles. One group, the 99%, has been in denial since 2005 (or 2008 if you prefer). To this group the past few years has been quite a surprise. COVID lockdowns, failures in the supply chain, Russia trying to start WW III, and now add on China descending into crisis.
The other group realized the crisis early on and by now has just accepted it and are moving on to their own individual or micro community “High” phase. The next “High” phase will not be according to what is important to a consumer capitalist society - so people in that frame of mind can’t even recognize what the next “High” phase is, lol.
The only real threat to the 1% is if the 99% actually destroy the planet, lol. Then, yeah - they’ll die, too.


As follow up, The Z Leader Elon Musk is doing about as well as some of us predicted: Twitter is now losing $4 million PER DAY, and is also affecting the bottom line of Tesla.

My assessment of Z leaders seems to be accurate again predicting Elon Musk’s performance with Twitter: They are good at tearing things apart, but terrible at actually making things work after they tear it apart.

Now imagine if they had been (or will be) successful in tearing apart the United States in order to win a few battles in the culture wars.


@excecutive, to be clear, my poem was satirical even when I wrote it. Anarchy can be romanticised and it’s important to remember it has the possibility of a return to a Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest’.

I am interested in your fear of power being given back to the tyranny of aristocracy and belief that people would love to see America crash and burn. I’ve never come across anyone with this fear and belief.