Is The World Order About To Collapse?

Is War coming? If so, what kind?

Here’s a battle line … Even this vaccine supporter is seeing major concerns that are not getting publicity. Watch his videos early on in the pandemic to see his progress in understanding and concerns.

I watched it but I don’t know if anyone else will ha. Something to keep an eye on for the conspiracy minded I suppose. I’m thinking Drone/Robot or Artificial Intelligence/Cyber War in this saeculum. Also, 1st land invasion of USA? I wonder how the Culture and Consciousness Wars factor into this Crisis Climax as well.

We are in an information/propaganda war … it’s been waging right here on this forum since I arrived. A kinetic war invasion of the US? I put the chance of that happening at about 0.01% the same as dying from covid19

The same information / propaganda war has been waging mostly for centuries. The peasantry are easily distracted by diversions and form over information and substance.
The substance and real information of the matter is this: “They” keep “you” locked in in a cage you cannot see or feel working for “them” and giving you a pittance of your production. They keep 90% and you keep 10%. Taxes are only the tip of the iceberg. Consumption of unnecessary poisons (including poisons of the mind and spirit) give them well more than anything we are taxed. People actually pay money for a company to send them a constant stream of misinformation, manipulation and brainwashing. It might be called “entertainment” or “news” or even “culture”. The bottom line is “they” tell you want to think and what is good and what is bad.
Then people pay for physical poisons. We’ll start with white sugar and corn syrup and go from there to meat so laden with chemicals I can smell the hormones and antibiotics when it cooks. Then we can go to hormones in milk that give both modern men and women oversized breasts. Then we can again bring it around to “culture”, where the primary cultural and religious holidays have been corrupted into disgusting celebrations of gluttony and overconsumption to the point where one is considered strange or even unpatriotic or apostate if one does not participate in stuffing one’s face and bursting one’s gut on turkey (the most disgusting, unclean and unhealthy of bird meat), ham (another disgusting meat), and sugar-laden pies.
Then we move into poisoning of the soul - where various religions teach that salvation or whatever you want to call it is not found within, but through faith. Faith is defined as complete trust in something without evidence. Rather than teaching evidence-based methods of “salvation” on this earth - or call it “bliss” or “love” or “rapture”, whatever - rather than teaching that this is available on this planet in this lifetime now at zero cost, they teach faith that it will arrive after this life has passed.
This next part is significant - IF the masses ever learned that love, bliss, or or whatever terminology you want to call it is easily available to everyone at any time of the day or night - IF the masses knew this they would not tune into the brainwashing and corruption of information, and would eventually over a period of time practicing these evidence-based practices, would be repulsed by the poisons offered by “them”.

Everything in politics, economics, culture and religion can be explained in these three basic “corruptions” of humanity. Corruption of information (mind) leads to inevitable corruption of the body (addiction to harmful consumption). Parallel to this, most religions also corrupt the spirit and gaslight the population into believing that there isn’t an obvious and easy path out in this lifetime, but instead that they just have to have faith in some kind of afterlife.

I recommend listening to Nate Hagens podcasts He holds a PhD in Natural Resources and an MBA in finance. This particular interview will provide some much needed information that is not being talked about on mainstream media. Energy and Material production/extraction, Economic incentives, and Human Behavior(Pathology and Arrested Development) are colliding and creating Geo-political tensions. Enjoy the podcast!

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I love this guy and his ideas on a sustainable future … a big fan of Nate and of Daniel Schmachtenberger.

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Daniel is brilliant!

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So what is the action plan for a lowly warehouse assistant like me?

Continue to develop yourself in the fullest sense possible. Cultivate the things you love and have a passion for. Have as many conversations with as many types of people and world views as you can. Keep breathing your way forward and know that no matter what your role is you are an important part of the big picture!