It's lonely at the top


If you’re still doing these Zoom chats, I would be down to participate. Cheers!


Hi @Heyoka ,
We do some chats every now and then, if you want to participate, send me your email. Mine is


Yes, would love to. Just sent you an email.


Sorry, there is an error in my email address it is
That’s why I didn’t get your email


I feel the same way. Nashville Tennessee USA. So far, the IlP forums and classes are keeping me connected. But I crave a dynamic flesh and blood community to share this with. Often though, exasperatingly Even in my marriage as my wife is mythic-literal tribal, I feel lonely.


I think there is a very important distinction between loneliness due to “higher than average” consciousness and loneliness due to psychopathology. Both can co-exist. But many people who turn to spirituality actually are in spiritual bypassing without facing their own traumas. Glorifying and masking what needs to be healed may well be the best recipe to perpetuate pains and evils.