What albums, songs, artists, or genres of music have had a profound influence on your life?

Reflect on the question above and share your thoughts with the rest of the community.


Here is my short list. I am sure I will think of a dozen others after I am done, but these albums have certainly had a deep and profound effect on me, and helped shape me into the person I am today.

In no particular order:

Faith No More — Angel Dust

Nine Inch Nails — The Fragile

DJ Shadow — Endtroducing

Blackalicious — Nia

Aphex Twin — Selected Ambient Works Vol. II

Underworld — Dubnobasswithmyheadman

Radiohead — Kid A

The Beatles — Abbey Road

Pink Floyd — Animals

Pearl Jam — Vs.

TV on the Radio — Nine Types of Light


Great selection!
Um, i would add:
Crowded House - Self Titled
Pantera- Vulgar Display Of Power
Beastie Boys-Ill Coomunucation
311- Transistor
Miles Davis-Kind Of Blue
Regurgitator- Unit
Asian Dub Foundation-Community Music
Coldcut-Sound Mirrors
Saul Williams- Amethyst Rock Star
System Of A Down- Toxicity
Uncle-Never Never Land
Kate Tempest- Let Them Eat Chaos
Rage Against The Machine- Self Titled
Fleet Foxes- Self Titled
Fantomas- Suspended Animation
Steve Reich- Music for 18 Musicians
The White Stripes- Elephant
Paul Simon- Graceland
Daftpunk- Random Access Memories


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that band anyone and his frontman introduced me to read east philosophy.
thanks a lot cause it’s my passion now.

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Gee, really enjoyed TV on the Radio -Nine Types of Light! Had me to the end. :):grin:


Slightly different from the previous ones:

Georg Friedrich Händel, Salomon

From the East unto the West

May no rash intruder - the Nightingale chorus

Johann Sebastian Bach

“Jesus bleibet meine Freude”, Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben (Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring)

Georg Böhm

Georg Böhm - Vater unser im Himmelreich (Our Father in Heaven) - Organ



We often hear that the problematic link with the cyberspace, once celebrated as a space for liberation, is exemplified by the realization that affects and emotions are used by the same algorithms that corporations install to control social media platforms in order to shape networks and online markets. It is not unlikely that one day dance floors will be directly linked to a techno server, sending data on how bodies interact with specific types of music and spaces, to boost consumption inside and outside clubs. Thus, in a controlled cyberspace, we already find ourselves trapped in the bubble that constitutes our feeds. Nonetheless, if we don’t enter the bubble (or the dance floor), we tend to think that we are unreachable and ultimately disconnected with the social…

With this in mind, I want to make sense of the expression “unlearning automated behaviours” (and how to break with them) in the context of electronic music, and considering that, the way in which we experience techno music is a form of ritual in which behaviours resemble a type of collective automation that is influenced by present technocultures…

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This video of carpool karaoke with Paul McCartney moved me on many levels. I remember watching the beatles on Ed Sullivan when I was a young kid and followed them through life. To me this reflected on a man who has brought beauty to me and the world and reached into my heart many times through life. Watching this brought me to tears of joy and sadness - uplifting me as I reflect on my life through his journey through song and love.

Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke

Note: If anybody could explain how to add the “video box” instead of a link, I’d love to know.


Here’s a few I like.

Psychic Gibbon by Younger Brother

Turning Wake by Ayla Nereo

Become the One by Goldfrapp

Galactic Mantra by iTom Lab

Burning Bone by Kyrstyn Pixton

Each Moment New by Lou Rhodes

Fade Away by Yungchen Lhamo featuring Annie Lennox


It’s entirely too daunting to attempt to list the music that’s shaped my entire life (how to even prioritize or order it?), so I’ll just share a few artists/works which have been influential in the relatively recent past.

POLIÇA – Lay Your Cards Out

Son Little – Your Love Will Blow Me Away

Tom Waits – Satisfied

Songhoy Blues – Al Hassidi Terei

Tinariwen – Islegh Taghram Tifhamam

Milk Carton Kids – Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)

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Toco bateria desde adolescente e sempre fui ligado muito em música, passei pelo heavy (thrash, black) metal na adolescência, depois rock progressivo, MPB e rock anos 90, já adulto. Depois continuei com os mesmo gostos. Hoje em dia não sou muito mais ligado em música, tenho impressão que me estafei. Mas ainda gosto de correr com meu MP3 ouvindo alguns sons que me deixam animado para o esporte, como djrekluse, Jamiroquai ou Alice in Chains…

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Lifelong musician and music-lover, can’t say there’s much music I love that hasn’t had a profound influence on my life…

But thinking specifically along Integral lines…

Discovering minimalism in high school was incredibly profound for me- gave me my first early appreciation for experiencing stillness and even my first glimpses of a non-dual state. (Getting that brief flash of non-dual through music is something KW talks about wonderfully in part of the Hardcore Spirit conversation with Chris Grosso that we have here on Integral Life. Highly recommended!)

Some composers: Steve Reich (my absolute favorite), Philip Glass, Terry Riley, William Basinski

Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians

Steve Reich - Piano Phase

William Basinski - dlp 1.1

Terry Riley - A Rainbow in Curved Air

Philip Glass - Einstein on the Beach


I can’t wait to listen to some of the music posted here; where will I find the time?? I’ve had my Beatles favorites (anything John Lennon particularly); Pink Floyd “The Wall,” Santana anything; Talking Heads “Stop Making Sense,” Moody Blues “Days of Future Passed,” some Blondie, some Annie Lennox, all of Sheryl Crow’s “Tuesday Night Music Club,” some U2, Joni Mitchell, some Dylan ('Forever Young," “Visions of Joanna,” “My Heart’s in the Highlands”), Spirit’s “Nature’s Way,” and a strange love affair with Yoko Ono’s “Season of Glass.” (None of this in any order) But what stands out for me is music associated with particularly significant stages of my life.

For instance, during the stage of “I want to hear human voices but not their words” there were two favorites for a looooooong time: Sheila Chandra’s “Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices” and Huun-Huur Tu’s
“60 Horses in My Herd.” During the stage of “the universe can’t contain my heart,” it was Gothic Voices singing Hildegard of Bingen’s “Feather on the Breath of God,” and a single song from Enigma’s The Cross of Changes, “Return to Innocence.”

Two recordings I’ve come back to again and again over the past decade or so and that always satisfy what needs satisfying are: Krishna Das’s “Door of Faith,” and Byron Metcalf’s “The Shaman’s Heart.”
And native and Tibetan flute music have been staples in my life for many years.

I just listened the last couple of days to Vast Expanse (“a corpuscle of light on the ocean most radical no-thing got to be free come together manifest the clarity of the water”–how I remembered these words while doing the water dance is beyond me) and One Hand Clapping, in which I really liked whoever/whatever it was at about the 15:40 mark. Both pieces were great; I’ll listen again.


So glad you enjoyed my Sutras mix! That was a lot of fun to make.

Also, 15:40 is Bhaghavan Das, in case it helps.

For anyone else who might want to listen, you can find it here:



Eu adoro esse som. Casa muito bem com a obra de Ken Wilber, na minha opinião. Não sabia que Corey deVos e djrekluse eram a mesma pessoa! Fiquei alucinado quando ouvi essa faixa pela primeira vez e sempre tiro grande proveito quando ouço. Uso para minhas corridas com MP3 ou em casa para dar uma animada. Ainda quero dar uma festa estilo “festa-espiritual” e colocar este som para animar o ambiente! Abraços, muito obrigado e parabéns pelo excelente trabalho!

I’m so enjoying this thread…wonderful to hear new music…(to me). Thirsty ears!

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I’m attracted to musicians themselves, their self-reflection and manifestations of elegance and authentic expressions

I like harmony and instrumentation and also like the flow of vocals and the thoughts voices can connote

I really dig mixtapes and remixes as a result of the invocation of enhanced subjective appreciation in the midst of vibing on interpretations and common ground in shared meaning making

One effort I’ve had is to construct mixtapes, centered around raps, to string together patterns through time, place, and people

This one is called Signifi-chants V 1: Dignity

Steve Roach

Melanie de Biasio

John Zorn

Marcus Henriksson

Kocsis Zoltán

Stephan Micus

Rebekah Del Rio - “No Stars”

What a great thread. Its no surprise that integrals are inspired by music. I had the fortune to have a father pianist and choir singer. He introduced me to classical music at a young age such as Mozart, Prokofiev, and my mother loved folk music such as the Seekers, Simon and Garfunkel. My own tastes have gone to every genre and I feel I am being too egotistical about this so I will leave you to your own favourites.
Oh alright here are a couple. Tchaikovski. Sibellius, Liszt, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, Voyager (not the metal band), Joe Cocker, Van Morrison, Cat Stephens, MC Yogi, Chicago, Split Ends, Crowded House, Tina Arena, Fillipa Giordano, Norah Jones.
#infinitelove …Peter