What albums, songs, artists, or genres of music have had a profound influence on your life?



Choices, choices–do I tune in to Witt and Wisdom or find same through music? I chose the latter, and perhaps because of the Gun Violence episode (Ken Show) yesterday, I also chose to upload an aggression-fix into my system. So I listened to Revolution 1. First of all, amazing how well all of these pieces fit together, with such smooooooth transitions! Second of all, last night after the Gun show, I did a little polarity therapy on myself, trying to find the balance point between gun restriction (my usual stance) and gun freedom. Along about “Capital G” on this mix, I’m up and dancing, and find my hands unconsciously turning into guns…whoa! I think I’m making progress.


I grew up with family members/relatives making music like this, feels like home.


Can these be downloaded or are they just streamed? Are you on Spotify?


They should all be downloadable – there should be a download button in each player, which you can use to download each separate track.

It’s actually better when downloaded and played in something like iTunes, since it gets rid of the gap between set transitions :slight_smile:


Will do so when I get home…


I’d love to hear what you think, once you get a chance to listen! I am thinking about getting into it again, I haven’t really made any new mixes since my daughter was born.


@corey-devos How do you create these?


@lxvythrs I started with the classic 2 turntable setup (2 x Technics 1200s and a mixer), but was then an early adopter of Traktor way back in the day. These days I use Traktor Pro 3 software, and the Traktor Kontrol S4 as my controller.


I just bought this. Have no clue what I’m doing.

Digging empty spaces right now


Ooh, you got a nice new one! Mine is ancient, first edition, and doesn’t even work on my MacBook anymore unless I use Windows in boot camp. I assume you have TRAKTOR Pro too? You’re going to have a lot of fun :slight_smile:


I assume you taught yourself? Tech is not my forte.

Empty Spaces is really, really good so far. I am on III but it’s K&D sessions good for me right now.